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Google to Launch AI-Powered Assistant

Google presented a virtual assistant, the process of functioning of which is carried out based on generative artificial intelligence technologies.

Google to Launch AI-Powered Assistant

The digital assistant with Bard will be available in the coming months on mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. The relevant information is contained in a message that was published on the tech giant’s blog last Wednesday, October 4.

The company said that the new virtual tool will build on the capabilities of Google Assistant, which will be enhanced as a result of the addition of generative artificial intelligence Bard. The technology giant claims that in this case, conditions are provided for a more intuitive interaction of the consumer with services operating in the digital space. The company also stated that as a result of the introduction of a new virtual tool, the intellectual aspect of the customer experience will be expanded. According to the company, the digital assistant based on generative AI in terms of functionality goes beyond the boundaries that are determined by voice commands. Google claims that the tool largely adapts to user needs and solves personal tasks by applying an innovative technique.

The main feature of Assistant with Bard is the ability to interact with people in various ways, including text, images, and voice. The relevant information is contained in the mentioned message of the technology giant. In this case, users can communicate with the virtual assistant in the format that is most convenient for them. As part of the interaction between a person and a digital tool, text messages can be exchanged. Users can also talk to the device with a friend and share images.

Assistant with Bard can handle a lot of tasks. A virtual tool is able to plan a trip. Also, this digital assistant can find information hidden in the inbox. In addition to this, the scroll of features of the virtual tool includes the functions of making a shopping list and sending a text message.

Assistant with Bard was designed in such a way as to ensure its deep integration with Google services such as Gmail and Docs. This interoperability, according to the statement of the technology giant, means for users that they will stay up to date with their daily tasks. The new digital tool, using the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence and having the ability to perceive and analyze information within the framework of the paradigm of logical thinking, understands the needs and preferences of the consumer. In this case, a high level of personalization of the virtual assistant is provided.

The tech giant’s message also notes that the digital tool was created with privacy in mind. Individual settings allow users to set the level of protection of personal information that they consider necessary.

Assistant with Bard is currently at an early stage of development. Shortly, novice testers will be able to familiarize themselves with the digital tool on a practical plane. Based on the results of these tests, the technology giant will collect feedback and finalize its new virtual product.

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