Google Adds AI Models from Meta and Anthropic to Its Cloud Platform

Google is adding artificial intelligence tools from Meta Platforms and Anthropic to its cloud platform.

Google Adds AI Models from Meta and Anthropic to Its Cloud Platform

As part of this solution, the technology giant is introducing generative AI into its products and creating something like a one-stop shop on its virtual platform for cloud customers who want to take advantage of a new generation of technology.

Google will provide consumers with access to the large Llama 2 language model from Meta and the Claude 2 chatbot from the Anthropic AI startup. In this case, the technology giant’s clients receive tools for configuring corporate data for their services and applications. The integration of AI tools of companies into the cloud platform became known on Tuesday, August 29, at the Google Next ’23 event in San Francisco. The technology giant characterizes this action as a step towards ensuring freedom of choice on its virtual platform for customers who will be able to have access to a variety of artificial intelligence configurations that meet their needs.

The company stated that currently, clients of the cloud service Google has more than 100 AI models and tools available.

The tech giant at the event in San Francisco also announced the expansion of the availability of its Duet AI product for Workspace productivity suite customers. A wide audience will have access to this development until the end of 2023. Customers can use generative AI helper, which responds to requests, helping to create content in applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Duet AI takes notes during video calls, sends meeting summaries, and translates signatures into 18 languages. The new Attend for Me feature gives customers the opportunity to use this tool to join meetings on their own behalf, create an event report, and send messages.

The tech giant also announced the beginning of cooperation with companies such as GE Appliances and Fox Sports. As a result of this partnership, consumers can use AI to create recipes and watch sports event broadcasts from the Fox catalog.

The statements made by the tech giant at an event in San Francisco indicate maximum readiness to interact with other companies in the sphere of artificial intelligence. Google reasonably and justifiably perceives partnerships as a platform on the basis of which it is possible to form a stable position in the advanced technology industry and which is able to provide a high level of competitiveness.

The tech giant advertises its products and services as the best in the area of AI, focusing attention on its many years of experience in this sphere. At the same time, the company is currently losing ground in the cloud computing industry compared to Amazon and Microsoft.

Thomas Kurian, Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud, said that in the space of the current historical moment, a transition is underway to a new era of digital transformation, fueled by generative artificial intelligence, which is already improving the work of enterprises and modernizing the process of people interacting with each other.

The tech giant is not only adding AI developments from other companies to its platform but is also improving own models and machine intelligence tools. For example, the company’s large language model called PaLM 2 is now available in 38 languages and has more powerful abilities to analyze long texts, including research materials, books, and legal documents. The AI configuration Codey, which helps in coding, has received an increased level of performance.

Imagen, the technology giant’s application for transforming text material into an image, now contains higher-quality pictures and offers new features, including style customization, to help cloud service clients align visual content with the recommendations of the brand-customer.

During the period of active discussion about the recognition mechanisms of materials created by machine intelligence, Google Cloud announced a feature that will embed a watermark at the pixel level indicating that the image was generated by AI.

The tech giant also reported that more than half of generative machine intelligence venture startups pay for a cloud computing platform, including Anthropic.

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