Musk’s Lawyer Sends Letter to Microsoft on Twitter Data Misuse

The chief external lawyer of Elon Musk last Thursday, May 18, sent to the chief executive officer of Microsoft Corp. Satya Nadella a letter, which contains claims that this tech giant could gain access to Twitter data for unauthorized purposes.

Musk’s Lawyer Sends Letter to Microsoft on Twitter Data Misuse


Quinn Emanuel’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, argues in the letter that there is a possibility that Microsoft may be involved in numerous violations of the data protection agreement with Twitter over a long period of time. At the same time, the letter indicates the possibility of illegal practice, and not the statement about it as an accomplished fact, confirmed by the evidence base.

Microsoft’s agreement with Twitter includes the tech giant’s obligation to notify the social network of any changes to the company’s API or application programming interface. Microsoft uses the Twitter API in several products, including Xbox One, Bing Pages, Azure, and Power Platform.

In April, the tech giant announced that its social media scheduling tools for advertisers no longer have Twitter support features. Elon Musk, in response to this decision, accused the company of illegally using the data of the platform belonging to him and declared his readiness to initiate legal proceedings on the relevant fact.

Microsoft reported receiving a letter from Twitter. The technology giant also announced its intention to consider controversial issues. The company stated its commitment to continuing partnership relations with the social network on a long-term basis.

Elon Musk, who is also CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, became the owner of Twitter last October. The cost of the acquisition of the social network amounted to $ 44 billion. One of the first decisions of Elon Musk in the status of the owner of the virtual platform was the reduction of the workforce. He also hired salespeople due to a decrease in the level of profit received from advertising.

Twitter’s corporate policy concept is currently undergoing a transformation process. From the point of view of the financial aspect, one of the most significant changes is the beginning of the implementation of the practice of charging enterprises for providing access to the data stream.

Elon Musk also criticized Microsoft negatively in connection with the technology giant’s active investment in OpenAI. He stated that this company was created for the development of artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity. Elon Musk said that the creation of mechanisms that surpass human capabilities in terms of intelligence is a risk to civilization and should not be a project with an exclusively commercial background.

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