Nucleus365 Launches European Instant Payments

Nucleus365 launched a fast payment system for its European customers.

Nucleus365 Launches European Instant Payments


Nucleus365 is a British payment institution that offers a centralized platform for global payment processing, currency exchange, and connected banking.

The fast transfer allows customers to instantly pay with sellers using online banking details. This system ensures the transfer of funds to the trader’s account on the day of the purchase of the goods.

This solution, which is available to sellers all over the world, allows them to effectively carry out their activities in the European market and is a good alternative to payments using bank cards. Suppliers and manufacturers of goods that use the technology of fast money transfer benefit from an increase in the conversion rate and have the opportunity to withdraw processing fees associated with card payments.

The Nucleus365 fast transfer system is supported by 95% of banks in European countries.

Nucleus365 was founded in 2021. The company offers a single platform for payment processing, treasury back-office functions, and reconciliation purposes covering banking and acquiring. Nucleus365 is integrated with a wide range of banking providers and payment systems around the world.

Scott Major, the company’s commercial director, says that many sellers who have used the firm’s solutions are asking for faster ways to transfer money to reduce the periods associated with the relevant financial transactions and reduce the risk of fraud with bank cards.

The Commercial director also noted that merchants using the Nucleus365 infrastructure have a centralized experience that allows them to make calculations directly in their Nucleus365 IBAN in real time.

When creating a strategy for its activities, the company found a gap in the market where banking and payment processing are rarely combined within the technological stack. The original intention of the firm was to reduce friction and the need for the seller to enter into contracts and look for multiple suppliers.

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