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Wink Secures $3 Million Seed Investment

Wink, a US-based biometric identification and payments platform, has reported receiving an additional initial investment of $3 million.

Wink Secures $3 Million Seed Investment


This round of seed capital is a continuation of the preliminary round of financing that took place in 2021-2022 and allowed the company to raise $ 2.85 million.

Additional funding is provided by CerraCap Ventures, a venture capital firm that specializes in developing software for early-stage B2B enterprises. Flying Point Industries and several family offices from Texas and California also contributed to the investment.

Wink has at its disposal a unique patented approach to password-free authentication and handsfreeTM payments. This technology turns any camera on any device into a secure authenticator and payment acceptance point.

With Wink technology, institutions can authenticate and accept payments from their consumers through billions of computers, smartphones, connected cars, smart TVs, POS terminals, and any camera-enabled Internet of Things device.

Deepak Jain, founder, and CEO of Wink stated that the company has continued support from investors who see the potential of biometrics in authentication and payments. He also noted that using passwords is an outdated way of authentication. Deepak Jain noticed that the modern decentralized platform offered by his company eliminates any ways of compromising accounts.

Saurabh Ranjan, CEO and Founder of CerraCap Ventures, is convinced that financing Wink is not just investing in an advanced technology company, but investing in the future of secure and seamless identification and payment services. He also noted that the company’s solutions are ideal for many market segments, including both e-commerce and smart homes.

Gaurav Aurora, co-founder and partner of Flying Point, stated that Wink takes password-free authentication to a whole new level.

Wink was established in 2014. Initially, the company existed as a subsidiary of the Quirky invention incubator. After the bankruptcy of Quirky in 2015, Wink moved into the ownership structure of Flex.

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