Nvidia Plans to Launch AI Platform Rubin in 2026

In 2026, Nvidia intends to introduce an artificial intelligence platform called Rubin, which will become part of the new technological products of this company, which is one of the main beneficiaries of the so-called AI boom.

Nvidia Plans to Launch AI Platform Rubin in 2026

Last Sunday, June 2, the CEO of the mentioned firm, Jensen Huang, during a speech at the National Taiwan University, said that the brand he heads intends to update its artificial intelligence accelerators annually. According to him, next year a new chip from Nvidia called Blackwell Ultra will be presented. He also announced that the debut of an artificial intelligence platform called Rubin will take place in 2026.

During a speech at the National Taiwan University, Jensen Huang said that he expects the number of companies and government agencies interested in implementing generative AI will increase. In this context, the head of Nvidia also noted that those organizations that refuse to integrate into their AI workflows will be left in the cold. It is worth noting that this is a fair and reasonable comment, and not a kind of commercial statement, which is purely promotional in nature and intended for gaining new customers. The current configuration of technological reality no longer signals, but states that artificial intelligence is gradually transforming into the main driving force of progress at the present stage of the existence of human civilization. A notable feature of artificial intelligence is not only the impressive cognitive abilities that have already been demonstrated, allowing AI to perceive, analyze information, and draw conclusions within the framework of the digital thinking process carried out in the paradigm of human logic. There is a possibility that over time, artificial intelligence will be able to develop independently. There is also a current opinion that in the foreseeable future machine intelligence will surpass the power of the human mind. For example, Elon Musk holds a similar point of view. If the assumption about the ability of artificial intelligence becomes an objective reality, it is possible that AI will generate its own concept of logic of thinking and an original paradigm of perception of the surrounding space of global existence. Against the background of these prospects, it is obvious that interaction with machine intelligence and its deep integration into various functional systems is what can be called a step into the future within the framework of the symbolic style of formulations. Companies that choose to ignore AI will be a thing of the past.

It is also worth noting that technological progress, the main source of which in the current historical moment was called artificial intelligence by the expert community, is a process with many aspects and dimensions. This thesis means that the mentioned process is not closed in itself, but has a wide-scale impact on the state of affairs in the cultural environment, the situation in the economy, and the condition of political reality. Technologies in the global sense of the corresponding concept determine the conditions and circumstances of human life, which is evidence of their great importance.

During a speech at the National Taiwan University, Jensen Huang also stated that what he called computation inflation is currently being observed. In this context, the head of Nvidia noted that the amount of data that needs to be processed continues to be on a growth trajectory. According to Jensen Huang, against the background of the mentioned state of affairs, which is in a kind of dynamic of development, traditional computing methods may lose competitiveness. Moreover, he stated that Nvidia could reduce related costs as part of its approach to computing.

Jensen Huang stated that the technology of the company he heads provides 98% cost savings and a 97% decline in energy consumption. He noted that this is the CEO’s math, which is not accurate, but true.

The Rubin artificial intelligence platform will use HBM4, the next version of the vital high-bandwidth memory that has become a bottleneck in the production of AI accelerators.

Jensen Huang did not provide more detailed information about the new Nvidia products, limiting himself to stating the fact of activity in the direction of developing new solutions. His statements about the new artificial intelligence platform were made a few days after the media reported that the mentioned company is approaching becoming the second most valuable firm in the world after Microsoft. It is worth noting that Nvidia has already managed to beat Apple this year in terms of the specified indicator.

The growth of Jensen Huang’s company is what can be described as a direct result of the incredible popularity of artificial intelligence, which began and still continues on a trajectory of high-intensity forward movement after the debut of ChatGPT from OpenAI in 2022. Currently, the machine intelligence industry is in the condition of rapid scaling and high-speed development. Nvidia is a supplier of chips that are used in almost all artificial intelligence apps. The demand for the relevant products is high. Also, an important circumstance in the context of rapid success is the lack of competitors of equal strength. For example, AMD also has plans and ambitions for activities in the space of the artificial intelligence industry, but the scale of its efforts is significantly inferior to the results demonstrated by Nvidia. The mentioned company, headed by Lisa Su, expects sales of its AI accelerators to reach the $4 billion mark this year. At the same time, according to experts reported by the media, the revenue of only one Nvidia unit specializing in data centers will exceed $100 billion. This year, the value of the company, headed by Jensen Huang, is on a fast growth trajectory and has already exceeded similar figures of Amazon, Alphabet, and Saudi Aramco.

Richard Windsor, founder of the research firm Radio Free Mobile, says that Nvidia clearly intends to maintain its dominant position in the market of chips for AI systems. Currently, this company accounts for about 70% of sales of artificial intelligence semiconductors.

In May, Nvidia released information on its financial results for the quarter ended April 28. During the mentioned period, the company’s revenue amounted to $26 billion. This indicator showed an increase of 262% year-on-year. Also, the specified company’s revenue increased by 18% compared to the previous quarter. These data indicate that the artificial intelligence boom continues. Nvidia’s financial performance also confirmed its status as the largest beneficiary of the mentioned process. It is worth noting that the company’s prospects in the context of the mentioned status are positive. The high-intensity development of the artificial intelligence industry will likely continue. It is also worth noting that AI is probably to continue to be the main driving force behind the process of global progress until a new technology with more powerful abilities is developed, the appearance of which in a certain sense is a rhetorical question and belongs to the plane of reasoning of futurologists. It is possible that AI itself will generate a new intellectual substance capable of transforming the life process in all its aspects. It is worth noting that these are assumptions bordering on what can be called fantastic visions. The degree of realism of such reasoning at the current moment cannot be determined. There is a possibility that this vision is a fantasy at all, which is never destined to become a fact of objective reality.

In the 19th century, the so-called gold rush was observed in the world. This was a period when intensive and large-scale unorganized mass gold mining was observed in newly discovered deposits. The characteristic features of the mentioned period were the spontaneous influx of prospectors and predatory mining methods. The currently intensive development of artificial intelligence is not illegal, unfair, or rapacious. However, the current historical period can already be called the era of AI rush against the background of a huge number of startups and companies involved in the relevant industry and continuing to emerge. In this case, a kind of parallel with the specified tendency of the 19th century is that artificial intelligence has become an object of mass interest. Nvidia has found itself at the center of the AI rush, being a kind of supplier of the tools needed to implement this process. Currently, many companies are striving to integrate artificial intelligence into their operating systems. This aspiration is typical for both startups and business giants with a long history.

Anat Alon-Beсk, professor of business law at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, says that humanity is already living in the age of artificial intelligence.

It is worth noting that during the period of active spread of machine intelligence, the issue of cybersecurity is of particular importance. In this case, the problem is that criminals also have access to artificial intelligence. For the mentioned reason, their activities in cyberspace have become more sophisticated and complex in terms of detection capabilities. In the context of this problem, the personal awareness of users, which belongs to the category of digital literacy, is of particular importance. For example, an Internet search query such as how to know if my camera is hacked will allow anyone to get information about signs of unauthorized access to the device. It is worth noting that digital literacy is also a tool for countering cybercrime and a kind of reference point system in the virtual space. Moreover, artificial intelligence is used as a tool for generating deepfakes. In this case, it means audio recordings and video materials that imitate the voices, faces, and behaviors of real people. In most cases, such materials are distributed either to commit financial crimes in the virtual space, or for various kinds of manipulations in the information environment. Such deepfakes are becoming more realistic. Against this background, the need for digital literacy is obvious. It is also worth noting that such knowledge needs to be updated periodically since artificial intelligence technologies are on a trajectory of continuous development.

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