OpenAI Partners With Los Alamos National Laboratory

OpenAI began to cooperate with Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is known for developing the world’s first atomic bomb.

OpenAI Partners With Los Alamos National Laboratory

The mentioned partnership is aimed at studying the possibilities and risks of using artificial intelligence in scientific research.

On Wednesday, July 10, OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, announced a collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory. In this context, the startup also noted that as part of the relevant activities, an evaluation will be given of how its newest artificial intelligence model, called GPT-4o, can be used to support and troubleshoot lab tasks. Moreover, OpenAI describes its collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory as the first such interaction. In this case, it implies something like an innovative partnership experience for an artificial intelligence industry player.

The startup also said that as part of its collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory, it will explore how its yet-to-be-released voice assistant technology for GPT-4o can help scientists in their research.

This year, OpenAI has made a series of announcements including deals with Moderna Inc. and Color Health to demonstrate the potential of using its digital products in the healthcare area and the biotechnology sector. It is worth noting that other companies involved in the machine intelligence industry, including DeepMind, which is part of Google’s ownership structure, are exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence to discover new medicines.

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