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OpenAI Reopens ChatGPT to Italian Users

OpenAI has announced that the chatbot ChatGPT has become available to Italian users again.

OpenAI Reopens ChatGPT to Italian Users


Earlier, the Italian authorities decided to establish a ban on the use of this chatbot based on artificial intelligence in the country, explaining the restrictive measure in an effort to comply with privacy standards. OpenAI reports that the ban was lifted as a result of the fact that the company complied with the requirements of the national data protection authority.

The fact that the chatbot is again available to Italian users became known after the publication of a statement of the relevant content of the San Francisco-based firm last Friday, April 28. The company also announced its commitment to the principle of privacy protection.

Italy in March became the first Western country to ban ChatGPT-4. The Data Protection Authority has announced an investigation into a potential violation by the chatbot of the rules for the protection of personal information, privacy standards, and the practice of age restrictions. The Italian authorities have stated that there is no legal basis for collecting data for the purpose of training a chatbot.

Since then, statements have been made in many countries of the world about the need to regulate the field of artificial intelligence. In the first half of April the majority leader in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, unveiled a system of rules designed to regulate the field of AI.

China’s internet regulator has also published measures to curb artificial intelligence. These measures include the protection of data accuracy and confidentiality, prevention of discrimination, and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Also in April, a group of European legislators published a letter stating that there should be a guarantee that legislative measures regarding AI will ensure the active development of powerful artificial intelligence, human-oriented, safe, and trustworthy. They also noted that the solution to this issue requires political attention.

Large technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Meta, adapting to the global economic uncertainty, are actively investing in the creation of innovative developments in the field of AI.

Artificial intelligence more than 200 times has been mentioned in recent Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft earnings reports. Amazon CEO Andy Jassi said last week that his company is working on creating an improved big-language model for the Alexa smart assistant.

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