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OpenAI Reportedly Plans to Announce Google Search Competitor

The media, citing two insiders, reported that OpenAI is currently completing preparations for the debut of its new product, which is an artificial intelligence-based Internet search system.

OpenAI Reportedly Plans to Announce Google Search Competitor

According to preliminary information that journalists received from people who are aware of the plans of the mentioned company, the new brainchild of the ChatGPT developer will be announced on Monday, May 13. This product is most likely to increase the competitiveness of OpenAI. Also, the new Internet search system will be a factor that can potentially weaken the current dominant position of Google in the corresponding digital area. Shortly, this technology giant may be forced to take measures to maintain its competitiveness in its present condition.

It is worth noting that the media has already reported that OpenAI is developing a so-called search product. At that time, it was also noted that the successful implementation of relevant efforts could increase competition in the corresponding digital area. In this context, special attention was paid to the already above-mentioned Google and Perplexity, a startup operating in the artificial intelligence industry and receiving significant amounts of funding from investors.

OpenAI did not respond to a media request for comment regarding insider information about the imminent debut of the search product.

The announcement of the new brainchild of the ChatGPT developer may be timed to coincide with the annual I/O conference, which Google will open on Tuesday, May 14.

The search product, whose debut has not yet been officially confirmed or denied, will be a kind of expansion of the company’s flagship product. In this case, it means ChatGPT, which, after launching the search engine, will receive information materials directly from the Internet.

The chatbot from OpenAI functions based on advanced artificial intelligence models. This product, which debuted at the end of 2022, is currently the most popular in its class. The chatbot generates content in response to user requests, working with information in the context of the paradigm of the logic of human thinking. The digital product holds the record among apps in terms of the time it took to gain the first 100 million users.

Industry observers have repeatedly said that ChatGPT can become an alternative for gathering online data. At the same time, they note that the chatbot in some cases demonstrates inaccuracies in providing information from the Internet in real time.

In September, OpenAI integrated ChatGPT with Microsoft Bing for paid subscribers.

Recently, the scaling of the integration of artificial intelligence into Internet search systems has been recorded. For example, in May last year, Google announced the functions of generative AI for its search engine.

The above-mentioned Perplexity, which is evaluated at $1 billion, reported in January that the number of its monthly active users reached the important mark of 10 million. It is worth noting that this startup was founded by a former OpenAI researcher. Perplexity, using artificial intelligence technologies, generates responses to user requests.

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