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World’s first electric car to mine cryptocurrency unveiled

Effective today, Daymak is accepting Spiritus pre-order payments in a multitude of crypto

Finance & Economics

ENBANTEC Retail Banking Conference EMEA

We recommend you not to miss this great event

Science & Technology

Operator messaging revenue to surpass $80B by 2025 worldwide

At the same time, SMS revenue is likely to decline


Dow Jones Industrial Average index explained

Today, we’ll explain one of the most important concepts related to stock performance – the Dow aka DJIA

Fintech & Ecommerce

Klarna app bug logged users into other shoppers’ accounts

Update: the incident is resolved

Finance & Economics

eBay launched a Regulatory Portal tool

This is in addition to eBay’s own extensive reporting system


3 things to research before buying used cell phones in bulk

Carolyn Krokus Author   Used cell phone wholesalers and retailers must perform research before they purchase devices in bulk. In doing so, they can identify refurbished iPhones and Android devices at the lowest prices. Plus, they can buy smartphones that meet consumers’ expectations, generate sales, and maximize their revenues. Of course, when it comes to […]

Finance & Economics

Zalando brings connected retail program to Switzerland

Zalando’s customers will also be able to support their local stores by choosing “delivery from a store” in the future

Science & Technology

Over half of Aussie millennials don’t have regular savings plan

1,002 Australian millennials aged between 24-39 years old expressed their opinions

Finance & Economics

Yandex announced acquisition of online clothing store

The deal should be completed in the Q3 2021


Top 10 economies in the world

PaySpace Magazine Global wonders which economies have managed to preserve stability and show resilience amidst the global turmoil


How to write a financial plan for a blockchain start-up?

Jessica Fender Author   Start your blockchain start-up’s development on the right note with practical advice on how to write its financial plan properly Launching a new blockchain-centric start-up in 2021 can be lucrative for several reasons. According to data, 74% of executives believe in the business potential of blockchain, with 24% of businesses investing […]


How technology is disrupting the restaurant industry 

Mian Azhar Writer   Technology has undeniably revolutionized almost all industries and empowered every business. The restaurant sector is one of the industries that are benefitting from these modern solutions. Restaurant entrepreneurs are embracing technological innovations to grow their business and gain a competitive edge in the market. From online food ordering, contactless delivery services, […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Paytm aims to launch India’s biggest IPO: date unveiled

If the company attains the target IPO target, it will be the largest offer in India

Blockchain & Crypto

1 in 4 Generation Zers invests in meme crypto

Here’s what a survey says

Finance & Economics

Less than half of businesses will embrace a full return-to-office model

Here’s how many companies are ready to return their employees to offices