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How to post items for sale in Facebook Marketplace

PaySpace Magazine is here to help


Best of the week: most expensive NFTs, Bangladesh economic forecast, Monzo and Wise partnership

We’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles over the last week. Bangladesh economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next? This article is going to highlight the measures taken by the Bangladesh government that contributed to the rising economic productivity of the country. Monzo and Wise partnered to enhance cross-border transfers Monzo has partnered with Wise […]

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People over 45 and unemployed face career challenges and ageism

A research report based on a survey of 3,800 employed and unemployed people, and 1,404 hiring managers to reveal global employment trends

Finance & Economics

The Philippines card remittance sector has growth prospects: report

The ongoing vaccine distribution and re-opening of entities will revive the economy gradually

Finance & Economics

Popularity of real-time payments equals cash remittances in Southeast Asia

The shift in consumer demand and remittance expectations is a challenge for financial entities, banks and merchants

Science & Technology

Mobility-as-a-Service has a 370% growth rate projection by 2025

However, the need for mobile devices and Internet connectivity will limit adoption to developed regions

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Estonia-based e-commerce software provider launches in Europe

The software-as-a-service platform was in development since 2019 but is now available to small businesses in Europe

Science & Technology

Half of US consumers encountered COVID-19 vaccines misinformation

The survey shared opinions of over 1,200 American respondents

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Bangladesh economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   Bangladesh is one of the best-performing economies of the world. Throughout its history, the country has suffered numerous socio-political turmoil events. However, the country managed to carve out its position as an emerging economic powerhouse amidst this turbulent time. Presently, despite all its challenges, the country has managed […]

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Monzo and Wise partnered to enhance cross-border transfers

Monzo’s international transfers just got smoother

Finance & Economics

US parents expect back-to-school costs to be higher than pre-COVID

The poll was conducted among 1,004 American parents


VAT scammers arrested in Hungary: Europol

VAT fraud from reselling mobile phones caused €29.8 million in tax losses


Las 5 Mejores Soluciones de Gateway de Pagamento White Label en el 2022

Conozcamos más sobre gateway de pagamento white label

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Card shortage is coming: here’s why

Despite the shortage, extending the life of existing cards is not recommended

Blockchain & Crypto

Hamas-linked wallets received over $7M in cryptoassets

The addresses were used in a fundraising campaign that raised over $100,000 in Bitcoin between January 2019 and May 2021


Carrefour launches 400 pickup lockers across France

The locker network is the result of a partnership with Pickup, a subsidiary of the La Poste group