PayTabs Partners With Nearpay for SoftPOS Improvement

PayTabs and Nearpay aim to offer customers across Jordan and other regional markets an enhanced SoftPOS payment experience.

PayTabs Partners With Nearpay for SoftPOS Improvement

PayTabs, a provider of digital, social and payment orchestration solutions in the MENA region, has teamed up with Nearpay, Saudi Arabia-based fintech, to enhance the user experience for both merchants and customers using PayTabs Touch SoftPOS solution.

PayTabs Touch is PayTabs’ proprietary SoftPOS service provided across the region as part of its payment orchestration platform, also including the MEPS FAST application in Jordan. The solution seamlessly turns smartphones and tablets into payment terminals, empowering businesses of different scales to process card payments in an affordable and efficient manner.

Fresh collaboration aims to enhance the user experience of merchants and customers with a user-friendly interface and robust encryption. PayTabs Touch will now be powered by Nearpay’s state-of-the-art POS infrastructure, integrating Nearpay’s innovative ‘Tap to Phone’ technology into the PayTabs Touch app. The enhanced tap-to-pay offering would not only simplify the checkout experience but also increase customer satisfaction.

“Two Saudi fintech brands are joining hands to power contactless payments the region. We are excited to collaborate with Nearpay to introduce this elevated Soft POS experience to our users. The integration of ‘Tap to Phone’ technology into PayTabs Touch will not only streamline payment processes for businesses but also offer millions of customers a modern and secure payment option.”

Eyad Musharbash, PayTabs Regional Head and Operating Partner for the LEVANT region

Mohammad Aleban, Nearpay CEO and co-founder added that “this collaboration sets new standards for contactless payments, reflecting Nearpay’s commitment to transforming the payments landscape.”

SoftPOS solutions enable smartphones or tablets with NFC capabilities to function as contactless payment terminals. It helps small-scale merchants offer a contactless payment experience without heavily investing in expensive hardware. Besides, such solutions are perfect for street vendors and mobile hawkers who don’t have a stable store location.

Tap-to-pay providers catalyse enormous market growth in contactless payments. It is estimated that Soft POS users will grow 475% globally between 2022-2027.

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