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Philippines Seeks to Actively Use AI

Jack Madrid, President of the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines, said that this Southeast Asian country should use artificial intelligence technologies to raise the sector to new heights of efficiency.

Philippines Seeks to Actively Use AI

Mr. Madrid shared the relevant consideration during his speech at the industry summit, which was attended by about 800 people. The head of the Association of IT and Business also said that the train with artificial intelligence has left the station, and is moving very fast. According to him, the Philippines should match this speed. This statement can be described as fair and expedient since the axiom is the rule that those who ignore changes find themselves on the sidelines of development and in the long run fail.

The Philippines, like many other countries, is currently preparing for the fact that the use of artificial intelligence in the near future will be associated with various kinds of failures. In this state, this issue is considered primarily in the context of the functioning of call centers, where chatbots are taking on more and more responsibilities.

For the Philippines, the integration of machine intelligence in the country’s life space on a global scale is of strategic importance. Currently, there is an understanding of the state of the need to adapt to advanced technology. For the Philippines, the issue of using artificial intelligence has the meaning of an obvious need due to the fact that the outsourcing sector in this country accounts for about 8% of economic production. Also, the mentioned sector is the main source of dollars for the state.

Currently, many companies are studying which scenarios of using machine intelligence in the structure of their activities will help to increase the level of efficiency. In this case, attention is paid to generative AI, which is able to create new content based on an existing dataset.

Philippine unit Accenture Plc is exploring the possibility of using artificial intelligence-based co-pilots as consultants for call center agents. The company is also considering the prospects of applying advanced technology to help programmers understand and create codes.

Arvin YAnson, managing director of the Accenture Innovation Center in the Philippines, said on the sidelines of the summit that the firm’s clients are beginning to study machine intelligence very actively and noted that it is very important that the industry conforms to this trend. According to him, in the near future, people will remain an important link in the processes of outsourcing companies, even with the intensive integration of AI. He explains his position by the fact that machine intelligence in terms of the degree of development is still in its infancy. Arvin Yanson also stated that AI still has accuracy problems and does not always cope with solving complex tasks efficiently.

Arvin Yanson believes that it is reasonable to keep a person informed of events in order to ensure control over what generative artificial intelligence says and, if necessary, make adjustments to what has been created by technology.

The Government of the Philippines intends to establish a machine intelligence research center in the country, where scientists will work to help small businesses study advanced technological solutions and gain access to them. This was announced during the summit by the Minister of Trade of the state Alfredo Pascual.

Jack Madrid stated that the prospects for sphere outsourcing remain positive. This year, the industry expects to achieve 23% of 1.1 million jobs and a fifth of the additional revenue of $29.5 billion, which is planned to be received by 2028.

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