Salesforce Reportedly Considers Acquiring Informatica

The media reports that Salesforce is currently in active negotiations to acquire data management software provider Informatica.

Salesforce Reportedly Considers Acquiring Informatica

The mentioned information was made public at the end of last week with reference to insiders who are aware of the details of the negotiation process.

The media reports that Informatica’s market capitalization currently stands at more than $11 billion. Since the beginning of the current year, the company’s share price has shown an increase of 43%. Insiders claim that the cost of the firm, discussed as part of the negotiations on the proposed deal to acquire Informatica, is below the market capitalization indicator.

Salesforce provides consumers with cloud-based software that companies can use to manage customer relationships. Toyota and Unilever are among the firm’s clients. Salesforce helps companies that are consumers of its cloud software manage and analyze the collected data.

Informatica offers its customers artificial intelligence-based tools. The company provides access to Claire GPT. This digital product is a tool based on generative AI, with which firms can solve data-handling tasks.

If the potential deal goes through, it will be the largest business agreement for Salesforce since 2021, when the company acquired Slack for $28 billion.

The media notes that the prospect of expanding the capabilities of Salesforce through the use of artificial intelligence technologies has already become a catalyst for the growth of the stock price of this firm since 2022. Last month, this company joined other technology brands in signing an open letter stating the idea of shared responsibility for maximizing the benefits of AI and reducing the risks associated with using digital thinking systems and products based on it for society. This open letter was another attempt to underline the importance of responsible artificial intelligence development. In this case, urges from representatives of the technology sector are implied.

The concept of responsible artificial intelligence has become a common topic of discussion in the information space after Elon Musk sued OpenAI, saying that the ChatGPT developer violated the promise of being a non-profit organization as part of its activities. The billionaire also noted that the potential dangers of machine intelligence should not be eliminated by such profit-oriented technology giants as Microsoft.

Many researchers say that achieving the goals of responsible AI is a long path to go. Kjell Carlsson, head of the artificial intelligence strategy unit at Domino Data Lab, says that companies will not be able to materialize the mentioned goals by acting within the paradigms of the currently existing concepts of the approach to the development of AI. According to the expert, most responsible artificial intelligence strategies contain only idealistic formulations. Kjell Carlsson notes that such concepts are often not related to real projects in the artificial intelligence industry, have several disadvantages, and do not have practical recommendations.

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