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Samsung Plans to Launch AI Chatbot

Samsung Electronics Co. is currently testing its generative artificial intelligence model.

Samsung Plans to Launch AI ChatBot

The configuration of machine intelligence developed by this South Korean company, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones, was named Gauss in honor of a German mathematician of the 19th century. These actions of a major player in the technology industry are very natural. Against the background of the active development and spread of artificial intelligence, all representatives of the mentioned sphere are interested in the possibility of using advanced AI-based solutions as part of its activities, since in this case, it increases the level of competitiveness and efficiency of work processes. In the context of current technological realities, it is obvious that those companies that will have own developments with machine intelligence, and not be content with similar products from third-party firms, will be in a more advantageous position.

Representatives of the mentioned industry are striving to create a competitor to the world’s most popular chatbot based on artificial intelligence called ChatGPT. This digital product was developed by OpenAI startup.

Samsung is currently conducting internal testing of its chatbot based on machine intelligence. The company expects that the use of this digital product will help employees of mobile communications and consumer electronics units to create emails, summarize the contents of documentation, and translate information materials. This became known during the Samsung conference on Wednesday, November 8.

In addition to the mentioned competitiveness and efficiency of work processes, own artificial intelligence products are also an additional source of income.

Samsung is currently, as part of its efforts related to machine intelligence, not only testing a chatbot but also developing some other products, including a virtual coding assistant and a digital platform with which users can create visual effects by giving elementary verbal commands. Also shortly, the company intends to integrate artificial intelligence into its existing developments.

Experts admit that Samsung’s activity related to machine intelligence may be due to concerns about the widespread spread of advanced technology. This year, the company banned employees from using generative artificial intelligence. The corresponding decision was made after it became known that Samsung representatives uploaded confidential code to the AI platform.

Kim Dae-hyun, executive vice president of Samsung Research’s Global Artificial Intelligence Research Center, said that the company will continue to support and cooperate with industry and the academic environment in the framework of activities for the study of generative machine intelligence.

A chatbot created by a South Korean manufacturer will be installed on the brand’s flagship smartphones. According to preliminary data, this digital product may be available to owners of Galaxy S24 mobile phones from next year.

Samsung Gauss, as mentioned, can not only generate text materials. The company said that the new development will provide consumers with new opportunities to use Samsung products.

The virtual coding assistant has been optimized to create software on its own. Also, within the framework of this technological solution, functions such as code description and generation of test examples through an interactive interface are available.

The generative graphical model, proposed in the framework configuration of machine intelligence from Samsung, allows you to create and edit images without any difficulties. In this case, consumers will be offered the opportunity to make changes and additions to the stylistic concept. Also, in this scenario of using the configuration of artificial intelligence of a South Korean company, a function is provided for converting low-resolution images into high-resolution images.

Samsung stated that the AI model named Gauss in honor of the German mathematician is a symbolic statement of the desire to apply all phenomena and knowledge in the world to use artificial intelligence to improve the lives of consumers regardless of where they live.

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