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Samsung to Add Mobile Driver’s Licenses and IDs on Wallet

Samsung has established a partnership with global identity technology provider IDEMIA.

Samsung to Add Mobile Driver’s Licenses and IDs on Wallet

As a result of this cooperation, the South Korean company will transfer mobile driver’s licenses and government ID cards to Samsung Wallet. The press release of the Asian brand indicates that a new digital solution will be offered in the US states of Iowa and Arizona as part of the first stage of its implementation. Over time, the company plans to offer a mobile version of a driver’s license and ID card to residents of other regions of the United States. It is not yet known when additional virtual wallet functions will be available outside the US.

The press release indicates that the appearance of mobile driver’s licenses in Samsung Wallet is intended to enable users to have access to their documents in digital format using devices belonging to the Galaxy smartphone line.

The company will use the ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard to implement driver’s licenses that are accurate, secure, and confidential into the virtual wallet. The relevant information is contained in a press release published by Samsung.

The company also announced that digital identity cards will be checked with state departments of motor vehicles and issued by them. Users will have full control over their mobile driver’s license data.

The press release contains information that the implementation of digital identities will vary from state to state. The company is currently cooperating with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The joint work is carried out within the framework of a test program for the reception of mobile driver’s licenses at 25 federal airports, where access to the relevant technology was provided.

Samsung plans to release a software development kit in early 2024. This offer by the company will allow developers to integrate virtual age and identity data into their apps. The software development kit should help reduce the likelihood of fraudulent interference and ease the friction that occurs during the verification process. In this case, businesses and services will be able to confirm the identity of users without unnecessary difficulties.

Arizona became the first state in which an official decision was made to allow adding driver’s licenses and ID cards to Apple Wallet in March 2022. Residents of this region can use an iPhone or Apple Watch to present documents at some TSA checkpoints at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Jenny Cheng, vice president and general manager of Google Wallet, said during a conversation with media representatives in the summer that virtual wallets could become a kind of digital center for personal data of all categories in the future. According to her, the availability of all confidential information in one place will ensure the interconnection of payment transactions, passes, and identity cards. In this context, she noted that the mentioned technological solution, implemented in virtual space, will make it easier and safer to perform actions in the real world.

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