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SAP and Google Cloud Introduce Comprehensive Open Data Offering

SAP and Google Cloud have expanded the scope of the partnership and presented a comprehensive open data offer.

SAP and Google Cloud Introduce Comprehensive Open Data Offering


As part of the new offering, SAP software data and non-SAP data can be combined into Google Cloud. This solution provides organizations with the opportunity to use all their personal information to accelerate the implementation of the digital transformation process. This is stated in a joint press release of the companies, which was published last Thursday, May 11.

Christian Klein, CEO and member of the executive board of SAP SE, said that the parties to the cooperation are committed to open data. He also stated that the expansion of the scale of partnerships allows us to overcome barriers between arrays of information that are stored in disparate systems, special databases, and environments. Separately, Christian Klein stressed that customers benefit not only from artificial intelligence integrated into companies’ systems but also from a single data array.

Consumers will be able to use the new offer to access business-critical data in real-time. The new solution makes it possible to simplify the structure of information and increase its visibility by eliminating widespread disparate data. Customers can use Google AI and Machine Learning (ML) services to create analytical information and perform advanced analysis using SAP Analytics Cloud in Google Cloud.

Other features currently being developed by SAP and Google Cloud are aimed at enabling consumers to use data sets about the environment, social sphere, and management. This solution will allow customers to get useful information about sustainable development. Consumers will also be able to use the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) in Google Cloud worldwide.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian says that data has a degree of value for the digital transformation process that is inherent in a small number of resources. He noted that as a result of the deep integration of SAP data and software systems with the data cloud, customers will be able to use analytical capabilities, advanced artificial intelligence tools, and large language models to obtain new information.

The cloud operations of companies such as Google and Apple are currently demonstrating cosmic growth against the backdrop of an active and large-scale transition to digital technologies. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said last summer that corporations and agencies use the cloud because in this case a single platform is proposed that combines data storage, data management, and advanced machine learning.

As we have reported earlier, Google Cloud joins MAS to catalyse climate fintech solutions.

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