Sheeva.AI Launches In-Vehicle Payments for Citroën in India

Sheeva.AI has announced that its in-vehicle payment technology is now available in Citroën cars in India.

Sheeva.AI Launches In-Vehicle Payments for Citroën in India

The mentioned functional solution is based on the SheevaConnect product suite. The technology is available in the Citroën C3 Aircross SUV for vehicles featured in showrooms across India. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release.

In-vehicle payment technology will allow owners of the mentioned model cars to pay for fuel at 32,000 stations across India. Customers will be able to use their preferred Unified Payments Interface (UPI) service provider through the MyCitroën Connect mobile app.

The algorithm for applying the technology is simple. Initially, the driver of the car pulls up to a SheevaConnect-enabled gas station. After that, attendants dispense the fuel and scan a QR code. The driver then departs, receiving a digital receipt processed through the MyCitroën Connect mobile app.

The company’s press release notes that other cases for using in-vehicle payment technology will come soon. In this case, parking fees and tolling are implied.

A set of Sheeva.AI products is being implemented all over the world. The company’s press release notes that its database displays more than 2 million fuel pumps, parking spaces, chargers for electric vehicles, and other service points.

Last November, Sheeva.AI has teamed up with Visa Acceptance Solutions. The purpose of this collaboration was to launch a tokenization platform for in-vehicle commerce.

Sheeva.AI uses the Visa Cybersource Token Management Service to support its reusable tokenization platform for in-vehicle payments, using the exact location of the vehicle to make transactions at the service point.

Mercedes-Benz began using Visa technology to enable native payments in the car when the introduction of Mercedes pay+ on some new models of this manufacturer started in March last year. The mentioned technology allows customers to pay for digital services and on-demand hardware upgrades using a fingerprint sensor.

Probably, the integration of fintech solutions into functional vehicle systems can become an additional argument for those who are currently trying to answer such a question as whether is now a good time to buy a car. The capabilities provided to the user during the operation of the auto are an important characteristic and advantage.

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