Six Flags Adds Amazon’s Tech

The media reports that Six Flags has become the first theme park to integrate Amazon technology called Just Walk Out into its space.

Six Flags Adds Amazon’s Tech

The technology testing program will be launched in June at the branch of the amusement park operator located in New Jersey. The decision to implement this technological solution is explained by the fact that consumers are increasingly showing interest in unhindered ordering.

In a park in New Jersey, the result of using technology will be a reduction in the time spent waiting for food and drinks to be purchased. This was announced by Stephanie Borges, global vice president of strategic marketing and partnerships at Six Flags Entertainment. She stated that the company is always exploring the prospects of using technologies and innovations in terms of its capabilities to improve the quality of customer service.

The current collaboration is part of a joint effort between Six Flags, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. Rachel Chahal, Coca-Cola’s director of entertainment and entertainment partnerships, says that this company hopes that the implementation of partnerships will increase retail sales per visitor by 10%. He stated that in case of positive results of the pilot project, the scaling of the relevant initiative may occur, which will entail the cessation of the use of vending machines.

Just Walk Out will be available at the 400-square-foot Quick Fix store inside Six Flags, where visitors will be able to purchase drinks, food, and park-branded merchandise. Buyers enter a payment method to enter the trading establishment, they are automatically charged, eliminating the need to place an order.

Last week it became known that Amazon is integrating age verification into its Amazon One payment technology to reduce friction when buying alcohol.

Currently, payment systems that seek to simplify the procedure of making purchases are most popular among retailers. Sellers consider payment and order processing technologies to be critical for maintaining customer loyalty. In the USA more than 75% of them said that, in their opinion, consumers are highly likely not to make purchases in places where there are no alternative payment methods.

As we have reported earlier, Amazon Tests Dine-In Payments in India.



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