Snapchat CEO Says AI Can Improve Targeted Ads

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said that through the use of artificial intelligence, it is possible to significantly improve advertising campaigns in the virtual space.

Snapchat CEO Says AI Can Improve Targeted Ads

Spiegel on Tuesday, June 20, told reporters about the progress of the My AI chatbot for the social media platform. He stated that this digital product based on artificial intelligence provides a signal about the user’s intentions, which is safe from the point of view of the principles of privacy protection. Also, according to him, the data obtained during the communication of people with the chatbot can be used to improve recommendations on the platform.

Spiegel reported that since the launch of the chatbot in the first months of this year, about 150 million people have used it, and have sent more than 10 billion messages. Since then, My AI has conducted tens of millions of conversations about cars and provided recommendations for the purchase of vehicles based on the criteria of interlocutors. Also, the chatbot processed 5 million messages about

Snapchat is currently recording that brands are cutting spending on advertising campaigns on this platform. The company’s profit and loss report for the first quarter of this year contains information that the firm’s revenue for this period decreased by 7%, to $ 988.6 million. According to the results of the first three months of last year, this figure amounted to $ 1 billion.

Snapchat launched My AI in February of this year. Initially, the chatbot functioned as a premium service. In April, the company made this product publicly available internationally.

Snapchat, in the context of the introduction of artificial intelligence, follows global trends in the active use of advanced technologies that have the potential to transform the usual way of life in many of its dimensions. In May, TikTok announced the testing of Tako, an AI-based chatbot with which users can search for the materials they need.

A few days ago, Meta Platforms introduced Voicebox, which is a generative model of artificial intelligence. This AI configuration helps to edit audio recordings, sample and save the style of the original version of the processed material.

The tech giant said that Voicebox can create high-quality audio clips. Also, this artificial intelligence model can edit previously recorded sounds, for example, delete car horns or dog barking. At the same time, the preservation of the audio recording content and style is guaranteed. The AI model can reproduce speech in six languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and German.

Voicebox can convert text to speech using audio samples lasting up to two seconds. Also included in the list of AI model capabilities is the recreation of speech fragments for editing and noise reduction.

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