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Snapchat Launches Free AI Chatbot

The artificial intelligence of the Snapchat chatbot has become available to a global audience.

Snapchat Launches Free AI Chatbot


The relevant information was announced during the Snap partner summit, which took place last Wednesday, April 19. This feature was first launched in February and allowed users who signed up for a paid subscription to Snapchat to receive answers to questions and conduct broader conversations with an artificial intelligence chatbot running on GPT OpenAI technology. From now on, this feature is free.

Currently, this chatbot processes almost 2 million user requests daily. The global expansion of the availability of the function also entails the emergence of new features. Users can now make the AI a member of a group chat and receive recommendations for places on the Snap map. Also can share a picture with artificial intelligence and get answers related to the content of the image.

The company said that in the future, the chatbot will be able to create unique images that will be provided in response to user requests instead of standard text messages. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel suggested that in response to a photo of a dog, the bot will be able to generate a unique image. It is unknown what control tools will be used for this technical level of interaction.

The idea to integrate artificial intelligence into the Snapchat application was initially positioned as a tool for changing the format of people’s interaction with the application. Also, an important role in this was played by the external conjuncture, which lies in the fact that the demand for technological solutions like ChatGPT is currently growing.

The company considered that the functions of integrated artificial intelligence can be not only a source of reference information or a tool for an analytical review of events and phenomena of the surrounding world, but also an assistant who will tell you which gift is better to give for a birthday to a best friend, how to plan a hiking trip more rationally, will be able to write a poem and offer options for cooking dinner.

The first experience of using AI for Snap was unsuccessful. The chatbot violated the fundamental principles of security. The answers to the questions were provided without taking into account the age of the user. The chatbot was telling teenagers how to hide the smell of marijuana or alcohol. AI also gave minors advice on how to ensure a favorable emotional state during the first experience of intimate intercourse.

Snap, in response to claims of inappropriate episodes of users communicating with a chatbot, stated that artificial intelligence was deliberately misled. Then the company introduced new tools, including age filters, so that communication with AI does not go beyond the permitted topics. The firm also said it would provide information about its Family Center parental control center. So far, the company has not done this.

In group chats, the bot will be designated as a separate communication participant with machine intelligence. This means that other users will be aware of the presence of AI and understand what answers were received not from a person, but from technology.

Also, artificial intelligence can be given a name and create a custom Bitmoji. This will help to increase the level of individualization of the AI.

As we have reported earlier, Snapchat announced new premium subscription.

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