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Toshiba Debuts Mission Control for Retail Intelligence

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions announced the opening of a new center for retailers-suppliers with improved intellectual capabilities.

Toshiba Debuts Mission Control for Retail Intelligence


Last Wednesday, April 19, the company announced the launch of a global services management center at its headquarters, which is located in Durham, North Carolina. The firm’s press release says that the mission control website for proactive accessibility services provides retailers with the opportunity to activate analytical data about their store chains.

Also, the proposed tools can quickly and remotely predict, fix and satisfy the needs of a systemic nature. These features minimize downtime and allow merchants to be calm about business.

Proactive Availability Services provides remote and secure monitoring of system technologies in stores. This tool allows you to assess the technological state of retail outlets, diagnose existing problems in real time, and eliminate them without any intervention from the seller.

Rance Poehler, president, and CEO of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions said that the company’s passion for retail encourages the creation and implementation of systems and customized solutions to improve the level of business efficiency and store management. According to him, this activity allows you to please customers with useful impressions.

Currently, the company serves more than 50 thousand client points around the world and 5 million devices. The current strategy of the firm’s activities provides for a further increase in the customer base.

Currently, most of the innovations in the retail sector are aimed at improving solutions for self-ordering and improving loss prevention technologies. Outdated solutions slow down business development and do not provide customers with the desired level of efficiency.

The North Carolina command center opened a little more than a week after the news that Toshiba is expanding the reach of its point of sale (POS) network with the help of the BlueStar POS company. Bill Campbell, head of global sales at Toshiba, said that the BlueStar reseller network can provide retailers with innovative solutions to keep in touch with customers and a high level of competitiveness.

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