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Amazon to Open Buy with Prime to More Retailers

Amazon is increasing the availability of its Buy with Prime button.


Amazon’s opening up Buy with Prime, pulling new retailers. Source:

Starting January 31, the number of online stores that offer the benefits of a Prime subscription will increase in the United States. These advantages are free shipping and sending goods to the customer the next day after placing the order. The subscription is paid. Its value increased in February 2022. Then the price increased from 119 to 139 dollars a year.

The main difference between an order on Amazon and an order through Buy with Prime is that when purchasing on the official website of the company there is no possibility of direct access to tracking the delivery procedure. If purchasing an item on Amazon for tracking, client must first receive an email.

When using Buy with Prime, data on the user’s behavior when placing an order will be collected. This will happen even if a third-party site does not apply this practice. Information about the customer’s account, order details, and the frequency of using Buy with Prime will be collected. Amazon also stores data about sellers.

For many years, the company has received complaints about the ways of using personal information to maintain competition with third-party sellers. Amazon and the European Union reached an agreement on data processing methods in December. The company has committed not to use private information about independent sellers when making decisions about the placement of goods on the online platform and pricing.

The function of buying with Prime is also available to sellers whose products are not presented on the Amazon online platform. This service, as well as for buyers, is paid. Sellers pay for the functionality used. All fees are charged only after the sale of the goods.

Amazon first launched this feature in April last year. Initially, the service was only available for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) companies. According to the company’s internal data, this feature increased customer conversion by 25%.

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