Revelator and Stripe to Develop NFT Payment Infrastructure

Revelator announced the beginning of a collaboration with Stripe to allow customers to use a credit card to purchase digital collectibles directly from artists.


Revelator has chosen Stripe to let fans use a credit card to purchase digital collectibles directly from artists. Source:

New features allow users to buy digital collectibles without having to fulfill the condition of mandatory availability of an additional digital wallet. In order to simplify the procedure, Revelator has transferred users of the web2 category to web3 buyers.

The Revelator platform was the first to integrate web3 functionality. The company has the best digital music supply chain, royalty, and reporting management system in its segment. After signing a cooperation agreement, Revelator provides labels, publishers, distributors, and creators of works the possibility to open a direct revenue stream with the help of digital collectibles and payments based on Stripe.

A new stage in Stripe’s activity makes the company a discoverer in the large-scale implementation of web3 in the music industry without the use of cryptography. This solution will provide music lovers with access to a huge number of digital assets. Bruno Gez, CEO, and founder of Revelator says that the previous technological principles of interaction between the creators of digital assets and consumers were too complicated in terms of accessibility to the broad masses of users.

Revelator is an easy-to-use NFT on-ramp platform. The platform allows customers to create, sell, distribute and manage NFTs, combining this with other business activities. The new offer is the first link between the current music web2 and its future version web3.

Stripe has financial infrastructure for businesses and manages KYC. The company provides a user experience for first-time NFT buyers. Customers who have an account can purchase NFT by performing a single action.

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