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SnapLogic Adds Generative AI to Integration Platform

SnapLogic has introduced a generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution for integrating and automating business processes.

SnapLogic Adds Generative AI to Integration Platform


SnapGPT joins the integration platform of self-service SnapLogic based on artificial intelligence. The new technological solution will allow enterprises to connect applications and data sources and automate common workflows by following prompts in natural language. This is stated in the company’s press release, which was published last Thursday, March 23.

The CEO of the firm, Gaurav Dhillon, says that SnapGPT represents the next stage in the evolution of the practice of using artificial intelligence. He noted that the new generative solution is designed to change the way of integration forever and maximize the benefits of companies from workflow automation.

With SnapGPT, business users can specify in natural language which integration methods they would like to implement. After that, generative artificial intelligence will create the necessary processing streams, expressions, or scripts. For example, when the owner of the quote to cash product speaks in natural language about the desire to automatically create an invoice in NetSuite at the end of the event in, SnapGPT provides a complete pipeline to complete the task.

The company’s press release says that AI will change the technological landscape forever in the foreseeable future. Separately, attention is focused on the fact that non-technical consumers will be able to perform complex IT tasks using natural language. This solution helps to overcome technical barriers, speeds up, and increases the efficiency of the workflow.

SnapGPT joins several recently announced artificial intelligence-based products. This week, SoundHound AI launched a voice interaction application with generative artificial intelligence. Chat AI is a voice assistant that allows brands and their customers to access tools such as ChatGPT through conversation.

Also this week announced the addition of generative artificial intelligence to its smart bots, which are trained in the financial language and can automate and interact with the user’s customers, suppliers, vendors, and stakeholders through interactive email.

As we have reported earlier, Google Invites Public to Test Its Bard AI Tool.

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