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SoftBank CEO Predicts AI to Surpass Significantly Human Mind in 10 Years

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son on Friday, June 21, during a rare public appearance, said that artificial intelligence, which in terms of cognitive abilities is 10,000 times greater than the capabilities of the human mind, will emerge, in his opinion, in 10 years.

SoftBank CEO Predicts AI to Surpass Significantly Human Mind in 10 Years

The head of the mentioned Japanese business structure spoke about his vision of the configuration of the space of existence of human civilization, in which the practice of applying what he called artificial superintelligence, or ASI, is widespread. It is worth noting that initially, Masayoshi Son used the term artificial general intelligence or AGI. This concept is quite often used by researchers, analysts, experts, and technology executives to characterize a modification of machine intelligence that, in terms of cognitive abilities, surpasses the capabilities of the human mind.

Masayoshi Son expects AGI to be finally elaborated and launched as an affordable functional system in the next three to five years. In this context, he noted that this forecast provides for a faster start of operating the mentioned technology compared to his preliminary expectations. Masayoshi Son expects AGI to be 10 times smarter than a human. According to him, the mentioned abilities of the specified form of artificial intelligence existence mean that humanity will not need to change the way of life and make some kind of fundamental changes to the mode of being characteristic of the current stage of civilization development. These statements were made during a live broadcast held as part of SoftBank’s annual general meeting of shareholders.

At the same time, Masayoshi Son noted that the launch and implementation of ASI will have completely different types and forms of impact and will generate fundamentally new circumstances in the space of the existence of human civilization. According to him, the mentioned configuration of artificial intelligence will be 10,000 times superior to the most ingenious human brain in terms of the ability to cognize and analyze phenomena, processes, and facts of the surrounding plane of being. Masayoshi Son expects the ASI models to interact with each other in an algorithm similar to that inherent in the neurons of the human brain.

After the general meeting of shareholders, SoftBank securities fell in value by more than 3%.

It is worth noting that currently any assumptions about what functional modifications artificial intelligence will have following the evolution of its development are provisional and belong to the category of hypothetical probabilities. It is also important that when implementing the scenario of the emergence of AI that exceeds human cognitive abilities, most likely, it will be very difficult for a person to characterize a new form of virtual mind in any way since it will significantly advance in cognition and understanding compared to the capabilities of the biological brain.

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