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Starling Launches Saving Product for Business Customers

Starling Bank launches its first savings product for small businesses.

Starling Launches Saving Product for Business Customers


As a result of the launch of the new product, the financial institution offers its customers a fixed interest rate of 2.5% for one year with a balance of 2,000 pounds or more.

A new fixed saving for business for 1 year has been built into the bank’s mobile application. Account holders can immediately transfer funds in the app or via Starling online banking from their main business account to a special savings branch.

Funds deposited to the Business Fixed Saver account will be unavailable for one year. Accrued interest will be paid at the end of the 12 months.

Ann Boden, executive director of Starling, commenting on the launch of a new product, says that it’s time to reward business account holders with guaranteed returns. He notes that such solutions are necessary for the current conditions of global economic problems.

For Starling Bank, the beginning of 2023 was marked by three achievements. The digital financial institution topped the rating of the leaders of the current account switching service (CASS). Bank, according to the version, was named the best option for opening an account. The financial institution is also in the top ten in its debut UK Customer Service Index ranking.

Helen Birton, Chief Executive Officer of Starling Bank, stated that the mission of a financial institution is to create a market-leading product, provide qualified customer service 24/7 and comply with the status of an organization with which people want to interact without any additional incentives.

Paul Ford, head of the Customer service at Starling Bank, said that round-the-clock customer service with a people-centered approach and outstanding digital experience are the main advantages of the bank.

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