Startup Mistral AI Presents Its First Generation AI Model

The French startup Mistral AI presented its first model of generative artificial intelligence.

Startup Mistral AI Presents Its First Generation AI Model

The configuration of digital intelligence, developed by the specialists of this company, was named Mistral 7B. The media reported that this AI model is small-sized and has 7 billion parameters. The artificial intelligence configuration created by the French startup will be available to developers on a free basis.

The company’s press release, which was published last Wednesday, September 27, indicates that the Mistral 7B is the first step towards the development of frontier models in the firm’s roadmap. The startup claims that its first configuration of machine intelligence can be used as part of solving several types of tasks, including the generalization of information materials, structuring data arrays, and providing answers to consumer requests. The company also notes that its development processes input data and generate text much faster compared to proprietary solutions. Separately, the startup stressed that the Mistral 7B differs from offers of a similar nature in the economy. If all the listed characteristics of the artificial intelligence configuration developed by the firm are confirmed by the results of practical application, the company will have every chance to achieve a high level of competitiveness.

Mistral AI has very ambitious plans and goals. The startup does not intend to operate on the periphery of the innovative sector of the technology industry and is not going to be content with a limited presence on the market of new generation developments. The media reports that the company, having released its model of generative artificial intelligence, seeks to compete with the leading AI market players in the United States, including Meta Platforms and OpenAI.

Mistral AI claims that it has managed to develop training methods for machine intelligence that have a higher level of productivity and differ from other firms’ cost-effectiveness solutions. The CEO of the startup, Arthur Mensch, says that these methods are two times cheaper than competitors’ proposals in implementation.

With the help of generative artificial intelligence, users have the opportunity to create many types of content, including, for example, text materials and images. In this case, AI models perform tasks based on simple commands. Mistral 7B works with the English language and code. The relevant information is contained in the startup’s press release.

Mistral AI has established partnerships with four French companies to test its machine intelligence model in various apps. The media reports that the configuration of digital intelligence will be used to serve customers, generate marketing content, compile summaries, and as part of the functioning of chatbots.

The launch of the French startup’s AI model coincides with a period of increased investor interest in artificial intelligence technologies. For example, Microsoft has invested $13 billion in OpenAI, the developer of the world’s most popular chatbot based on machine intelligence called ChatGPT. This decision of the technology giant in a global context has become a kind of symbolic gesture emphasizing the importance of artificial intelligence.

Mistral AI was founded by three researchers with experience in companies such as Meta and Google’s DeepMind. The startup raised investment funds in the amount of about $110 million based on the results of the initial round of financing conducted this year.

Arthur Mensch says that an understanding of the transformational potential of artificial intelligence technology is being formed in Europe, and the region should respond to this as a regulator, as a client, and as an investor.

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