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Stripe Checkout Becomes Embedded

Stripe Checkout solution can now be embedded into any website, facilitating the online shopping process for both end customers and merchants.

Stripe Checkout Becomes Embedded

US fintech Stripe has enabled the embedment option for its flagship product Stripe Checkout. Although the solution has been available for years, it was previously impossible to embed the checkout tool directly into websites. Therefore, merchants could use the service only as a hosted checkout page.

Stripe Checkout is a low-code payment integration that creates a customizable form for collecting payments. It can be used to accept both one-time and subscription payments for physical goods, digital goods, services, or donations.

The tool has been continuously improved. Only last month, the number of Checkout’s acceptable payment methods exceeded 100. Moreover, the checkout suite is now highly customised, presenting customers with the payment methods that are most relevant to them by using data-driven algorithms. Merchants have recently received an opportunity to identify the payment methods in their checkout that perform best thanks to the A/B testing feature.

Since its introduction, Stripe’s checkout solution helped numerous merchants to increase conversion rates and revenues. However, embedding Stripe Checkout into one’s e-commerce store directly was not available, creating additional challenges for developers and business owners.

Although brands could add their logo and colour scheme to Stripe Checkout, it still looked and felt separate from the original e-commerce website or app, being a hosted tool. Being embedded, the service has built-in customisations that let you change the look and feel of a checkout page to match your brand.

At the same time, there’s still an option to redirect consumers to the Stripe-hosted checkout page. For some merchants, this method may be more advantageous.

The checkout is the most important page on every e-commerce website. It is critical for a business that their checkout is highly optimised. Yet, according to Stripe’s 2020 study, 58% of European checkouts have at least 3 basic errors, which could complicate the checkout process for shoppers.

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