Sunak Keeps Up Push to Make UK Leader in AI Regulation

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday, June 12, according to information available to the media, will make a statement, which will be a continuation of his consistent public campaign aimed at promoting the claim that the United Kingdom should become a leader in regulating of the development and dissemination of artificial intelligence.

Sunak Keeps Up Push to Make UK Leader in AI Regulation

The Prime Minister is of the opinion that the state political machine should move quickly in the context of the situation of the development of the AI industry, because, as he believes, this strategy will allow London to maintain its position as one of the world’s technological capitals.

Comments on the future performance of Rishi Sunak, published by his office, contain theses that the scale of the possibilities of artificial intelligence in terms of potential and the degree of its influence on human life in all its dimensions and aspects are incredible. The Prime Minister is expected to make a statement about the need to make safe a new source of power that can change the usual technological way of being. Rishi Sunak will note that artificial intelligence helps the paralyzed regain the ability to walk, creates antibiotics that eliminate superbugs, and this is just the beginning of the process of developing and applying the potential of AI.

The Prime Minister has already stated that his vision of the strategy for the functioning of the UK as a technological space during the emergence of new generation mechanisms and tools is not only to make the country an intellectual home but also to make the United Kingdom a geographical center for global regulation of AI security.

Rishi Sunak’s aspirations are aimed at ensuring that the UK is an active participant in the discussion process on the development and dissemination of artificial intelligence. He also counts on the creation of a global supervisory body in the UK, with the authority to regulate the AI industry. Rishi Sunak discussed the corresponding idea with US President Joe Biden during a visit to the White House, which took place last week.

The Prime Minister also says that the supervisory body, which he is a supporter of, should be headed by tech entrepreneur Ian Hogarth. This information was published by the British media without reference to its sources. At the official level, this potential personnel solution has not been labeled.

During the speech scheduled for June 12, Rishi Sunak, according to the media, focuses on the special importance of the speed of adoption and implementation of decisions aimed at preserving and strengthening London’s position as one of the world’s technological capitals. Also, the Prime Minister will emphasize that he has a sense of urgency and responsibility for the United Kingdom to use the chance to establish itself in high status in a period of active global technological development.

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