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Swedbank Robur Launches Two Climate Funds

Swedbank Robur, as part of the implementation of its strategy of activities related to rolling out projects aimed at protecting the environment, is launching two new funds specializing in climate and climate bonds.

Swedbank Robur Launches Two Climate Funds

The specified funds will provide funding for initiatives and operations of companies that will be assessed as contributing to the achievement of UN climate area goals.

Swedbank Robur developed its strategy for the protection and restoration of the environment back in 2019. The company initially set its goals for 5 and 10 years ahead, exceeding the long-term objectives specified in the Paris Agreement. In 2020, Swedbank Robur developed a methodology to ensure compliance of several funds with the said agreement.

In 2021, the company launched a private equity fund. In this case, the emphasis was placed on the climate. Two new funds are focused on the bond market.

Pia Haak, Information Technology Director at Swedbank Robur, said that the company takes a clear position on issues that are important for its depositors, investments, and society as a whole. According to her, the growing interest in financing projects focused on climate change is a decisive and positive driving force for the firm’s efforts to continue shifting capital in a more sustainable direction.

Karin Beltzer, Head of Fixed Income and Lending Management at Swedbank Robur, says that there is currently an urgent need to provide financing to projects supporting the transition to a green economy.

One of the company’s new initiatives involves investing in sustainable bonds around the world. The money is used to finance projects in the sphere of sustainable development.

The Swedbank Robur Climate Bond High Yield initiative provides for investing in corporate bonds issued by companies with lower credit quality. In this case, it means securities intended for climate protection, for example, to finance projects related to renewable energy sources or energy storage.

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