Swyftx Earn and Learn Platform Pays Aussies for Crypto Education

Australian crypto exchange Swyftx is going to reward customers learning about crypto scams through a new “Earn and Learn” education platform

Swyftx Earn and Learn Platform Pays Aussies for Crypto Education

Australian crypto exchange Swyftx is preparing to launch a new “Earn and Learn” crypto education platform on Sept. 6. The aim of this initiative is to raise public awareness about crypto scams and help Australian citizens to better understand the crypto market.

Swyftx’s head of corporate affairs, Tom Matthews, explained to Cointelegraph that the platform will help users identify different types of crypto scams, such as spurious tokens or pig butchering, as well as social media cons and pump-and-dump schemes that use crypto with malicious intent.

In addition, the platform users will receive a brief checklist to help assess a token’s utility. Some decisive factors include the background of founding teams, project weaknesses, VC backing, financials and tokenomics, and general goals and relevance.

The exchange states it identified a big rise in demand for crypto education during the bear market, which reportedly drove crypto adoption in emerging economies.

“The demand for quality educational resources is close to exponential at the moment. The next market cycle will be driven by knowledge, not hype and people are now far more aware of the risks around token scams or failures in the wake of Terra/Luna.”

Tom Matthews, head of corporate affairs at Swyftx

To motivate customers to enhance their crypto and financial literacy and diminish their susceptibility to various scams, Swyftx offers minor $3 crypto rewards to all the participants. The rewards will be distributed in Bitcoin over the next 12 months.

Expectedly, up to 80,000 Australians may participate in the project.

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