Synerise Raises $8.5M to Expand Behavioral AI Modeling

Solid Series B+ investment for Synerise deep-tech AI-driven company came from the commerce platform VTEX and business angels.

Synerise Raises $8.5M to Expand Behavioral AI Modeling

Synerise, a developer of AI-driven behavioral modeling and big data solutions, has announced an $8.5 million investment from VTEX and renowned business angels within its Series B+ funding round. The startup plans to use the fresh investment to expand to new markets.

Besides, Synerise and its leading investor VTEX announced a deep technological cooperation. VTEX and Synerise signed a term sheet that aggregates a commercial and share-based agreement. It presupposes that VTEX will develop AI products and add-ons based on the BaseModel™ (Synerise’s prediction technology).

Synerise was founded in 2013 in Poland. Its B2B SaaS platform allows clients to store and process all their heterogeneous data and automate data-related processes with the support of an AI and a no-code/low-code interface.

With the latest funding round, the company has raised over $50 million in total. Its market value is now over $120 million. According to the Financial Times 2022 report, Synerise is the fastest-growing Polish company in the technology sector.

The company has ambitious growth plans. It has already established offices in Warsaw, San Francisco, and Dubai. Its advanced AI and big data technology solutions are available in over 150 markets.

By partnering with VTEX, Synerise gets an opportunity to integrate its AI-driven behavioral prediction models with VTEX’s commerce platform, which connects over 1,000 system integrators and independent software vendors, and more than 6,000 VTEX IO extensions created by third parties.

This partnership will enable businesses utilizing the VTEX Platform and its ecosystem to leverage data and real-time AI-driven insights to personalize customer experiences, optimize marketing campaigns, and drive sales.

“We are impressed with Synerise’s technology and team. By far, it is the best model for behavior prediction that we had the opportunity to test. We believe Synerise can consolidate the infrastructure layer for companies developing AI solutions. AI providers will consolidate as fast as cloud providers consolidate. We see Synerise as the core for the AI retail world.”

Geraldo Thomaz, founder and co-CEO of VTEX

Leveraging AI for customer behavior prediction is one of the 10 Game-Changing Ways to Use AI in Your Business. AI’s potential to predict human behavior intersects with psychology, sociology, ethics, and data science. To understand how emotions and psychological reactions influence customers’ decision-making processes, researchers combine the knowledge bases of economy, commerce and psychology.

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