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Sweden’s Economy Demonstrates Slow Growth

Currently, the Swedish economic system is on an upward trajectory, but the pace of the corresponding positive process is minimal and in a negative sense does not meet the preliminary expectations of experts regarding the speed of this dynamic.

Sweden’s Economy Demonstrates Slow Growth

Gross domestic product (GDP) in the mentioned country in May showed an increase of 0.1% compared to the figure recorded in April. The relevant information was published by Statistics Sweden. It’s worth noting that economists surveyed by the media expected Sweden’s GDP to show growth of 0.4% in May.

The slower rate compared to the preliminary forecasts of dynamic the specified indicator indicates that households existing in the space of the largest economy in the Nordic region may need additional easing of the monetary policy of the local financial regulator to stimulate an increase in consumption.

It is worth noting that the central bank of Sweden has already started a cycle of lowering the cost of borrowing. It is expected that the relevant actions of the financial regulator will have the result of cutting interest rates by one percentage point in the second half of the current year. GDP data for May indicate that the present strategy of the central bank of Sweden has not yet become an incentive to revitalize the local economic system.

It is worth noting that activity in the largest economy of the Nordic region in the period from January to March of the current year was on a growth trajectory. Then the corresponding dynamic began to show a slowdown.

Household consumption in Sweden fell by 0.4% in May. At the same time, production in the business sector increased by 0.6% over the same period. These data are contained in the information materials of Statistics Sweden.

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