Target Plans to Expand Its Online Marketplace With Shopify Partnership

Nowadays, Target Corp. is cooperating with e-commerce specialist Shopify Inc. to expand its marketplace for third-party merchants.

Target Plans to Expand Its Online Marketplace With Shopify Partnership

To a large extent, the mentioned partnership is focused on improving positions in terms of competitiveness. This means that in the context of the specified parameter, Target, which owns a chain of discount department stores and hypermarkets, in the United States, is striving to catch up with such giants of commerce as Walmart Inc. and Inc. Whether this goal will be achieved will be known in the future.

Target, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said that vendors who use the Shopify e-commerce platform can now apply to sell their products on the Target Plus marketplace. Select Shopify clients will also be able to sell their goods at Target stores.

Cara Sylvester, Target’s chief guest experience officer, says that the specified partnership will provide an opportunity to expand the range of products on the marketplace and accelerate the growth of this commercial platform. Also in this context, it was noted that the parties to the cooperation will share information about tendencies and quickly react to market trends, offering consumers products of popular categories.

Target launched its marketplace in 2019. The company carefully selects the products offered to consumers, which is a distinctive feature of its approach. Target Plus operates on an invite-only basis for merchants and currently offers more than 2 million items through more than 1,200 sellers. In comparison, in 2022 Amazon had 2 million merchants selling on its platform, which, among other things, owns the best American delivery service. Walmart, which has a practice of not disclosing the number of merchants, sells about 420 million items on its marketplace.

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