The Government of Ukraine Launches NFT Cats Collection to Power Naval Drone Fleet

United 24, the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, launched by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, announced the launch of the first national NFT collection featuring сats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Proceeds from the NFT sale will help raise funds for a fleet of naval drones

Government of Ukraine Launches NFT Cats Collection to Power Naval Drone Fleet


The UACatsDivision collection was launched on Ethereum by the official governmental fundraising platform of Ukraine United 24 to support the Ukrainian army that has been fighting against the full-scale Russian invasion for almost a year now.

The collection, now available at OpenSea, features 10,000 unique cat characters, dressed in the uniforms of different Armed Forces of Ukraine divisions. Territorial Defence (TD) cats, marine cats, pilot cats, police cats, etc. will each have unique sets of emotions, clothing and accessories.

NFT owners will get unique NFT characters that can be used as an avatar on social networks or messengers. Besides, they’ll get access to an exclusive club with closed communication channels and a community forum.

The total cost of the collection is about $1 million, which would be sufficient to buy 4 naval drones for the unique Ukrainian project aimed at protecting the waters of Ukrainian seas and peaceful cities. The naval drone fleet will also help unlock and protect the marine corridor for civilian ships transporting Ukrainian grain worldwide. The UACatsDivision NFT community will get to choose the name for the drones bought with their help.

Over 1800 NFT cats have already been minted in the first days of the project. One hundred more cats are being withheld from sale for marketing and promo purposes.

The project’s team has also published a roadmap with further plans for the charitable UACatsDivision NFT collection. In Q2 2023, the launch of the VIP Club for the UACats NFT owners is scheduled. Along with specific bonuses and club benefits, the exclusive NFT holders will participate in the drop of limited NFTs that have been removed from sale.

In the third quarter of the year, United 24 and its partners promise to create and sell UACatsDivision merch, with personalized merch dropped to UACatsDivision NFT holders. Besides, the team would tokenize postage stamps for further project growth.

Amid the raging war, Ukraine has been creative with its fundraising efforts, having previously introduced Art without Borders NFT collection on the Binance NFT marketplace to finance Kharkiv Art Museum and “save the cultural heritage of Ukraine,” as well as ‘Children of War’ NFT collection to support one of the largest national surgery centers.

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