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Phos Brings Tap-to-Phone Tech to US With Thrive Payments

Bulgaria-based softPOS system Phos enabled payment gateway Thrive Payments to bring its Tap-to-Phone payment solution to merchants in the US

Phos Brings Tap-to-Phone Tech to US With Thrive Payments

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Thrive Payments and Phos have partnered to deploy the Tap-to-Phone solution and make it available to merchants across the US. The deal will enable Thrive Payments merchant customers to accept card payments directly on any NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet, either in-store or on the go.

Thrive Payments uses innovative hardware and software solutions to deliver an augmented payment experience for its customers. Enhanced by Phos’ ‘Tap-to-Phone’ state-of-the-art technology, its merchant proposition will allow US merchants securely accept transactions through a mobile device.

In addition, the user-friendly UI design will facilitate quick and easy processing of contactless payments, bringing convenience to businesses and consumers alike.

The partnership of the two companies is a step forward in their shared mission to expand secure, contactless payments on mobile to businesses across North America and Latin America. Jointly, the payment providers can reach more US merchants and scale the adoption of Tap-to-Phone technology.

With contactless card payments becoming more common in the US, demand for affordable software-only Point of Sale system (SoftPoS) technologies is growing. SoftPOS mobile solutions expand merchants’ number of payment acceptance points, without the need to invest in costly additional hardware.

In mid-2022, Phos became the first solution provider to meet new Visa Ready Tap to Phone Solution Requirements, version 1.8, with its Software Development Kit (SDK). The set of tools enables partner businesses to create their own SoftPoS apps.

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