Threads Tops ChatGPT’s Record With 100 Million Users in 5 Days

The number of users of the new social network, launched by the tech giant Meta and called Threads, reached 100 million people last weekend.

Threads Tops ChatGPT's Record With 100 Million Users in 5 Days

The landmark indicator of the number of accounts registered on the virtual platform was reached five days after the debut of the application for social interaction in the media-digital dimension.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg last Monday, July 10, on his page on the new social network described the dynamics of increasing the user base as organic. He also noted that many advertising campaigns have not yet been launched on the virtual platform.

This record of growth in the number of users in a short time negates the achievement of OpenAI. A digital product of this company called ChatGPT, which is an AI-based chatbot, overcame the mark of 100 thousand customers two months after its debut.

Threads developers characterize it as a text platform and a competitor to Twitter. The new social network was launched last week. During the first seven hours of operation of this virtual platform, the number of users reached 10 million people. Mark Zuckerberg at the same time said that his goal is more than 1 billion accounts registered in the new social network. He also stated that Twitter had an opportunity to achieve this indicator, but the corresponding chance was missed.

Meta Vice President of Products Colton Hayes, commenting on the appearance of the new application, said that on the part of Instagram users have long been recording a request for the appearance of a text social network.

Twitter welcomed the appearance of Threads with a letter from its lawyer, who accused the tech giant of illegally using trade secrets. The company thinks that Meta when creating a new application, attracted former employees of the social network owned by Elon Musk to work and instructed them to copy the achievements of a competitor. The letter also contains a call not to erase the data of Twitter users, addressed to the tech giant.

Elon Musk negatively assessed the concept of a new social network. He stated that Threads is Instagram without photos, the absence of which, in his opinion, makes the existence of a virtual platform meaningless, since users need pictures.

Last summer, Twitter had about 240 million monetized daily active users. In the fall of 2022, Elon Musk became the new owner of the virtual platform.

Social networks as functional digital spaces are beginning to go beyond the entertainment and information concept of existence, gradually expanding the scope of their activities into the commercial sphere. Industry research shows that in the United States, 43% of consumers, or 110 million people use relevant apps to search for goods and services. Also, 36 million people make purchases on social networks.

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