Tillerman Launches Insights Tool Leveraging POS Data

Designed for retail brands and wholesalers, the new Tillerman Insight tool is equipped with an interactive and visual dashboard that facilitates gaining and analysing insights from the POS data

Tillerman Insights POS data

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Tillerman, the US-based provider of retail technology and data analytics, has introduced a new tool to streamline the data processing for both traditional and e-commerce merchants. 

Tillerman Insights has an interactive and visual dashboard helping brands and wholesalers to get answers to business questions immediately and use that information to make actionable business decisions.

The tool captures the POS data from all touchpoints and delivers insights to merchants through intuitive and easy-to-understand visuals. The insights can be customized to report on trending categories, best- or worst-selling products, inventory management and other business aspects.

The whole process is flexible and user-friendly, removing the need for the cumbersome and tedious traditional data analysis and reporting. Considering the massive amounts of data coming from traditional retailers as well as e-commerce sources like Amazon and Shopify, the tool saves tons of time needed to collaborate, understand and improve business results based on POS data revealed in an old-fashioned way.

Tillerman has long cooperated with apparel and fashion brands, continuously customizing its support and reporting capabilities to make them work best for the clients. The new tool delivers personalized sales performance reports, saving significant time in understanding POS results overall. Besides, it facilitates looking for specific answers to business issues preventing retailers from improving their sales results.

Fintech providers focused on retail services are increasingly looking for innovative ways to leverage the existing data. We have previously reported that FlashCloud Intelligence has launched a Social Intent feature that helps business-to-business (B2B) sellers find prospects on social media and identify their buying signals related to specific products or services.

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