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Travel Company TUI Tests ChatGPT

Travel giant TUI AG announced the implementation of a pilot project in which generative artificial intelligence was integrated into the company’s mobile application in order to test the potential of advanced technology as part of the process of interacting with customers in the UK.

Travel Company TUI Tests ChatGPT

The tour operator, which is one of the world’s largest representatives of the relevant industry, has added an OpenAI chatbot called ChatGPT to its application. In this case, machine intelligence offers consumers personalized leisure options, including recommendations about excursions and sightseeing. AI in the course of its functioning in the mobile application of the tour operator is guided by the preferences indicated by the customers. The relevant information is contained in the company’s statement, which was published on Thursday, August 17.

The integration of the chatbot into the mobile application is part of a larger effort by the firm to widely introduce artificial intelligence into the structure of its business. Currently, the company is also testing generative AI tools for subsequent use as part of post-holiday communications with customers. As another possible application of these tools, the firm considers coding and analysis.

Sebastian Ebel, the company’s chief executive Officer, stated that the firm’s goal is to become a leader in the use of new technologies and take an active part in creating the future of the tourism business. He also noted that the market is becoming more and more digital.

Sebastian Ebel is confident that the use of ChatGPT will ensure an increase in the number of bookings and will not cause a reduction in the company’s retail real estate. He noted that retail supports high-quality products.

A representative of the company, referred to by the media without specifying his name, said that the firm’s pilot project is the first experience of connecting generative artificial intelligence to the inventory process. The trial version of the application with integrated AI, according to him, is currently available to 50% of British users. He also said that in the coming weeks, the level of coverage of the consumer audience in the United Kingdom will be 100%. Next year, according to a company representative, an application with integrated AI will be available in other countries.

An employee of the company, referred to by the media, also said that TUI AG strives to ensure that consumers interact with the application not as part of a single action, but on an ongoing basis and even in cases where they have no intentions to travel.

The ChatGPT function has already been used by more than 10,000 clients of the tour operator.

The company reported that last year 94% of sales were carried out directly in the Northern region, including in the United Kingdom

Director of the information technology firm Pieter Jordaan says that generative artificial intelligence is gradually changing the way customers search and the form of consumer interaction with the tour operator. He also noted that the pilot project will provide important information for further expansion of the presence of AI in the structure of the company’s activities.

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