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UBank and Aeropay to Provide Financial Services for Gaming Industry

The financial institution UBank, which is based in Texas and focuses on the community, and Aeropay, a payment technology company, announced the conclusion of a strategic cooperation agreement.

UBank and Aeropay to Provide Financial Services for Gaming Industry

Partnership interaction in this case is aimed at providing financial services in the gaming industry space. The joint press release of the parties to the cooperation, which was published last Tuesday, October 3, indicates that their efforts will contribute to the simplification of in-game payment transactions, increase the level of compliance of these operations with the requirements, and expand their coverage.

Aeropay specializes in providing businesses in various areas with customized payment solutions. In this case, the firm operates within the framework of an approach that provides for strict compliance with legal norms and requirements for processing payment transactions in the gaming industry. The company also offers clients deposits with risk management, the possibility of instant withdrawal of funds, and access to the bank connection experience called Aerosync, designed for each vertical.

Daniel Muller, CEO of Aeropay, in a press release called the purpose of cooperation the provision of payment solutions to operators and developers. According to him, these solutions will help to cope with the unique challenges that exist in the space of the gaming industry and will define the landscape in this sphere in a new way.

Justin Armstrong, president of UBank, said that this financial institution values its public values, but at the same time does not deny the importance of innovation. According to him, within the framework of cooperation with the developer of payment technologies, the mentioned organization will make efforts aimed at prioritizing relationships, improving the quality of customer service, and raising awareness of technological advances.

The press release also contains information that PrizePicks, the operator of fantasy sports, is in partnership with Aeropay. It is separately noted that this cooperation has increased the level of convenience of the players’ activities due to accessibility, security, and speed.

Aeropay Revenue Director Andrew Gleiser, during a conversation with media representatives in August, said that companies are currently adapting to the payment landscape, which is in a state of gradual transformation, and to the needs of customers, which are also changing against the background of new technological solutions. As part of their respective aspirations, firms are paying attention to alternative payment platforms that provide a balance between reducing costs and ensuring uninterrupted customer service.

Andrew Gleiser stated that Aeropay is also using technological advances to move forward in the payment landscape, and the rate of change which is high. According to him, the payment system is currently experiencing something like a renaissance in the global dimension. This process began with the emergence of alternative payment methods, including Buy Now, Pay Later, banking operations, and digital wallets. Andrew Gleiser noted that companies spend a huge amount of time and money on improving the user experience.

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