Uber and PayPal Extend Their Partnership

Uber and PayPal announced the expansion of the cooperation program.

Uber and PayPal Extend Their Partnership

This solution will help to improve the quality of payments for Uber drivers and customers. Last Tuesday, September 12, the firms published a joint press release, which contains information that, as part of the cooperation agreement, the San Francisco brand will continue to use PayPal services, including the Braintree solution designed for global card processing.

The expansion of the partnership will allow Uber to scale the use of routing over the internal debit network in several markets. The company will provide its users with an uninterrupted payment process.

Karl Hebert, Uber’s vice president of payments, risk, and identification, says that payment processes are central to what he says is the company’s magical experience. He stated that users expect the firm’s app to function smoothly anywhere in the world. Karl Hebert also noted that drivers and couriers are increasingly saying that they want to receive payment instantly.

Uber and PayPal established a partnership in 2012. The company’s cooperation expansion program provides for several other initiatives aimed at further improving the payment process.

Uber will expand the use of payments using the PayPal Hyperwallet solution, through which drivers and couriers get access to their funds as soon as possible through the mentioned payment system and Venmo.

The San Francisco-based company will also launch combined incentives, such as UberOne, as part of a large-scale consumer incentive program. In this case, the solution is focused on encouraging those customers who make payments using PayPal or Venmo wallets when placing an order.

The press release contains information that Uber, as part of its efforts to improve security and efficiency, will use the PayPal Chargehound offer, which will automate the refund process. Also, in this case, immediate savings will be provided.

As part of the development of partnerships between companies, attention will be paid to the expansion of authorization optimization. The firms also intend to focus on solving tasks such as the use of network tokens, intelligent retries, and account renewal services. The goals of these efforts are to optimize speed and ensure uninterrupted interaction with consumers.

Kurt Campisano, Senior Vice President of Global and Strategic Accounts at PayPal, says that Uber, using the company’s payment system as a checkout option, expanding transaction processing services, and adding brand tools for payments and dispute resolution, applies all the levers that are necessary to provide drivers with excellent service and promote them in the future of mobility.

Uber’s earnings report, published in August, contains information indicating that the company’s cross-platform activities are gaining momentum as customer engagement in the use of a wide range of brand services grows. The total volume of bookings throughout the firm is $33.6 billion. The number of active monthly users of the platform has reached 137 million people.

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