Uber Works on TaskRabbit-Like Service

Uber Technologies is currently working on creating a service that is to a certain extent an analogue of TaskRabbit.

Uber Works on TaskRabbit-Like Service

By using the new service, the company will be able to offer app users the opportunity to hire people to perform various tasks that go beyond the activities related to the delivery of goods and driving.

A potential new service codenamed Chore has been discovered inside the Uber iPhone app in hidden lines of code. Preliminary data found in the app states that an employee can be hired for at least an hour to perform various tasks. Users will also have to specify what kind of activity they are interested in, how long the work will take, and when they want the person to come to them.

The functional base within the new service is similar to that used when ordering a ride or a meal in the Uber app. The code indicates that the user will receive an offer to specify the address of the request, will be able to view its submission, and click on the button to request it. The app determines the cost of the service, which will vary depending on the time required to complete the task.

The code, which was discovered by developer Steve Moser and which he shared with the media, is currently at an early stage of creation and does not include examples of potentially possible works. At the same time, competing services, including TaskRabbit and Angi, offer services for performing tasks such as repairing household appliances, installing televisions, assembling furniture, cleaning, and moving assistance.

An Uber representative did not provide any comment in response to a request regarding the results of the code check.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the work on the creation of the service is not yet an absolute guarantee that eventually a new consumer solution will be launched. It is possible that at some point the company will refuse to launch its new product for certain reasons. However, the engineering work on the expansion is evidence that Uber is rather inclined to ensure that the new service is started, the probability of this development is higher than the probability of the opposite scenario.

For this company, starting work as a player in the multitasking market could be something like a significant breakthrough in business development in terms of its functionality. Last quarter, the company reported its first-ever operating profit. Uber’s sales showed an increase of 14%. Despite a significant event in terms of financial efficiency, the sales dynamic turned out to be the least intense since 2021.

Currently, Uber is interested in finding additional ways to generate revenue and new sources of growth. The Company is making appropriate efforts. In 2022, a brand specializing in ride-hailing, in a pilot mode launched a service called Errands for chores, with which users can solve tasks such as returning an online order or delivering flowers.

In August, the results of the code analysis testified that the company is working on creating a chatbot based on artificial intelligence, the integration of which into the firm’s business will speed up and improve the quality of the ordering process in Uber Eats.

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