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UiPath Collaborates With Apprio to Offer AI Automation to Healthcare Organizations

UiPath announced the expansion of cooperation with Apprio.

UiPath Collaborates With Apprio to Offer AI Automation to Healthcare Organizations

As part of the implementation of partnerships between these companies, institutions of the healthcare sphere will be offered services for automated revenue cycle management. The expansion of cooperation of the companies was announced last Tuesday, October 3.

UiPath is a manufacturer of software for the automation of businesses based on artificial intelligence. Within the framework of this cooperation, the experience and capabilities of Apprio in the automation of income cycle management functions will be used.

Darryl Britt, president and CEO of Apprio, says that there is currently an increase in consumer demand for this company’s solutions or full-service offerings. The firm guarantees customers simplified, convenient, and cost-effective implementation, support, and scaling of automation methods.

Darryl Britt says that the managed services model provides consumers with an immediate return on investment. Also, according to him, in this case, benefits are provided from the company’s deep experience in areas of license management automation, implementation, continuous development, and support.

The expansion of firms’ interaction is a continuation of the joint work that companies carry out in the healthcare sector. UiPath and Apprio provide automation solutions. These technological proposals are currently relevant due to the fact that healthcare providers face problems such as a lack of staff and resources. Automation is also a positive solution in the context of a large number of patients who are served by organizations in this area.

The joint press release of the companies indicates that UiPath and its computer vision combined with the artificial intelligence of Apprio ensured the introduction of new automation tools in the shortest possible time within the framework of an affordable payment structure, which is characterized by a high level of predictability. In this case, no initial costs of the hospital or the healthcare system are provided.

The expansion of partnership relations between the two companies takes place at a time when the sphere of medical services is actively integrating artificial intelligence technologies. AI helps organizations operating in this area to improve payment and treatment offers.

At the same time, experts warn that many commercially available generative artificial intelligence tools are not trained to work with the data arrays that are used in sphere healthcare. For this reason, functional solutions based on AI do not have a high level of accuracy and can guarantee reliability. However, experts still talk about the significant potential of using artificial intelligence in the sphere of healthcare.

Organizations specializing in the provision of medical services work with large volumes of information that exist in the form of disparate data warehouses. Modern artificial intelligence technologies can potentially combine these arrays within a single structure. The volumes of information that exist as a whole unit will help organizations make more effective business decisions and generate better clinical results. Also, in this case, the quality of patient care will be improved.

The clients of the organizations providing medical services are also interested in the active use of AI in the mentioned industry. The results of a special study testified that in the United States, almost 80% of consumers want there to be a single digital platform that centralizes all their tasks in the healthcare area and processes the payment of bills.

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