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Web3 Initiative to Train AI in Chat-To-Earn Style

BlockGPT aims to create a ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence ecosystem on the blockchain, introducing “chat to earn” reward opportunities alongside the tokens

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A Web3 startup BlockGPT has launched a ‘chat to earn’ artificial intelligence (AI) service with a connected blockchain ecosystem.

At the peak of the hype around OpenAI’s generative AI tool ChatGPT, its blockchain rival aims to create a decentralized, token-governed chatbot on the blockchain with similar functionality and enhanced utility in the form of tokenized rewards.

Besides the AI model’s launch itself, BlockGPT offered two related tokens: a governance token called BGPT and a meme token called AIBGPT. Both are reportedly built on the base of PancakeSwap DEX.

The newly introduced “chat to earn” reward system will allow users to earn nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and other token prizes for chatting with the AI model. This way, the company will encourage the users to test the new experience, at the same time intensively training the proprietary AI tool.

According to the white paper, BlockGPT is employing more than six generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) models on the platform being trained via a proprietary dataset. Although the paper doesn’t provide AI’s technical specifications, it clarifies that the bot was specifically designed to answer blockchain-related queries.

Eventually, the BlockGPT model should allow developers to make “on-chain AI inference through its essential AI Inference Engine,” providing “a reliable framework for building DApps and smart contracts that leverage AI technology.”

Previously, the crypto community has experimented with ChatGPT across various use cases such as trading bots, investment theses, blogs and crypto-themed songs. Inspired by the capabilities of generative AI tools, the Web3 industry also sees AI-related blockchain networks such as Crypto GPT springing up.

Meanwhile, well-established tech industry players such as Google are introducing their own versions of AI-enabled chatbots. Called Bard, Google’s new AI tool will integrate with various Google apps and services as well as third-party tools and have visuals added to both textual prompts and responses.