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WPP Partners With Nvidia to Accelerate Production of Advertising Content

WPP has established a partnership with Nvidia.

WPP Partners With Nvidia to Accelerate Production of Advertising Content

As part of the implementation of this cooperation program, artificial intelligence will be used to accelerate the creation of advertising materials.

With the help of the Nvidia Omniverse cloud platform for connected 3D tools, together with generative AI, WPP creative teams and their clients will be able to develop large-volume images, videos, 3D product configurators, and other materials intended for advertising purposes at a faster pace. The relevant information is contained in the joint press release of the companies, which was published last Monday, May 29.

The content creation tool will be available to WPP customers in the near future. The exact date of obtaining access to this tool has not yet been reported.

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang says that many global industries, including digital advertising with a total financial turnover of $700 billion, are striving to take advantage of artificial intelligence.

He also noted that with the help of Omniverse Cloud and generative artificial intelligence tools, WPP will be able to provide customers with the opportunity to create and implement products and attractive content to a degree of realism and on a scale that was previously perceived as achievements beyond the possible.

Content engine not only accelerates the production of content but also personalizes information materials for greater consumer coverage. Also, this tool remains true to the brand identity.

With the content engine, designers can use text prompts to search for images and apply them to create scenes.

WPP CEO Mark Reed said that the new technology will change the way brands create advertising materials for commercial use and strengthen the company’s position as a leader in the creative application of artificial intelligence.

The announcement of the launch of the content engine came a day after Huang stated at an event at National Taiwan University in Taipei that AI would make fundamental changes in the corporate world and that experts in advanced technology would have advantages in the labor markets.

Cooperation with Nvidia is not the first cooperation agreement for WPP. In February, the company joined the Stripe ecosystem as a consulting partner. In this area of activity, the firm will assist clients in implementing digital transformation initiatives, launching new products, and designing and developing solutions for e-commerce.

Also in February, WPP also entered into a partnership agreement with the online grocery platform Instacart. This collaboration is aimed at new advertising solutions and measurement tools for brands of consumer goods in packaging.

As we have reported earlier, AWS and NVIDIA Collaborate on Next Generation AI Infrastructure.

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