X to Launch New Tools

Social network X, formerly known as Twitter, plans to launch new tools for interaction between advertisers and content creators.

X to Launch New Tools

The mentioned digital platform expects that the introduction of new tools will be a positive influence on the dynamic of gaining consumers.

Last Monday, February 12, the blog of the social media platform published details about the announced solutions regarding the interaction of advertisers and content creators. The company will launch a new targeting tool by the end of February. With this solution, advertisers will be able to place their marketing materials in a specially selected list of premium content authors.

The digital platform’s message notes that currently, the diversity of viewpoints on X is expanding. Against the backdrop of the mentioned trend, the company provides advertisers with the opportunity to connect with customers by collaborating with some of the world’s best content creators. For example, the social network platform provides the ability to use self-serve X ads manager to run pre-roll video ads with content from chosen creators, both on the home timeline and in the profile.

Also, the new Creator targeting will work on top of the company’s proprietary safety solutions, adjacency control, and sensitivity settings. The relevant information was published on the blog of the social network.

More than 80,000 creators have joined the X advertising revenue-sharing program since its launch in July. Moreover, the company cooperates with more than 1000 publishers.

X has also launched vertical video ads and is promoting videos. The company’s message notes that the social network is now becoming the first video experience. Special attention to the specified message is drawn to the fact that creators targeting is the next step in evolving video ecosystem X.

In October, the media reported that the social network owned by Elon Musk intends to challenge YouTube, LinkedIn and PRNewswire. In this case, it means expanding the company’s business to video, hiring staff, and news wire service. Also in October, the social network announced a partnership with Paris Hilton and her digital advertising agency 11:11 Media. In this case, X was focused on launching initiatives in the area of video and live video, live commerce, and Spaces.

The social network also plans to launch peer-to-peer payments in 2024. The company stated that the implementation of solutions related to financial services will add more value to the app from a user point of view, create new opportunities for commerce, and help the digital platform become an app for everything.

Currently, in a sense, X is fighting to restore its former position, although the current state of affairs of the social network cannot be called problematic or catastrophic. The company was acquired by Elon Musk in 2022 as part of a deal worth $44 billion. The new owner has made changes to the company’s management. These circumstances and accusations by public organizations against the social network of spreading discriminatory and anti-humanistic narratives caused the termination of interaction between many advertisers and the digital platform. Currently, X is striving to make its position more stable.

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