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Xiaomi Launches New 14 Series Smartphone

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has presented its new 14-series smartphone with artificial intelligence on international markets.

Xiaomi Launches New 14 Series Smartphone

The new development of the mentioned company is also focused on photography. This means that owners of the 14th series smartphone will have access to special functions of the appropriate orientation.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra has four cameras. A more compact version of the device is equipped with three cameras. The relevant information is contained in the official statement of the manufacturer. It is worth noting that the company is currently expanding the scope of cooperation with the German camera maker Leica.

Xiaomi has integrated large artificial intelligence models into the new smartphone. In this case, AI technologies are used in apps. One of the scenarios of applying artificial intelligence provides consumers with the ability to real-time transcriptions from online conferences. Another AI-based feature is to search for photos in the smartphone gallery. This means that the consumer can describe the image, after which the artificial intelligence will use the mentioned information to find the desired photo.

Technology and telecommunications companies are rolling out new products and features ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC), which kicks off in Barcelona this week. Currently, there is an opinion that the so-called artificial intelligence boom will become a catalyst for the growth of the technology sector. At the same time, some experts warn that the active use of AI can provoke legal and ethical problems.

Xiaomi managed to take third place in the ranking of the world’s most popular smartphone manufacturers in 2023. Last year, the share of this company in the global supply structure of the corresponding devices amounted to 12.5%. Samsung takes the second place in this indicator. The share of this manufacturer in the structure of global smartphone shipments was 19.4% last year. The market leader is Apple. The share of this company in the structure of global smartphone shipments in 2023 was fixed at 20.1%. The relevant data was published by IDC.

Xiaomi also unveiled new wearable products, including the Smart Band 8 ProWatch S3 and Watch 2. The company stated that these devices are designed for sports, health, and wellness activities.

As we have reported earlier, Xiaomi Applies for Patent Enabling Contactless QR Payments on AR Glasses.

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