LMS365 Raises $20 Million

The Danish company LMS365, an online learning management system (LMS) for use in Microsoft products, announced the attraction of investment funds for $20 million following the results of its first institutional funding round.

LMS365 Raises $20 Million


LMS365 provides users with the opportunity to create their courses and also offers to import relevant programs from third-party sources, including, for example, Go1 or LinkedIn Learning.

The advantage of this company’s solutions is the technology of implementing a training management system directly into the working tools of employees, which are used on an ongoing basis. This distinguishes the company from other LMS systems, such as Workday, Eloomi, or TalentLMS.

With the LMS365 course creator and learning module builder, users can drag and drop items from existing content hosted in Microsoft Office software. They can also import pre-existing courses or tests created elsewhere and saved in SCORM or AICC format. These solutions are useful for general cybersecurity training and regulatory compliance.

New employees can be hired directly through Microsoft Teams and undergo continuous training in all types of disciplines. Managers have access to monitoring student progress and visualizing information of this nature using Microsoft Power BI tools.

The history of LMS365 began in 2003. Then dentist Bjarne Mortensen founded Elearningforce, a company specializing in the local deployment of Microsoft Sharepoint. Gradually, the firm transformed into a cloud product with support for Teams and Microsoft 365. Support for Viva, Microsoft’s employee interaction platform, has recently become available.

In 2018, Bjarne Mortensen retired and sold his share to entrepreneur Johan Wedell-Wedelsborg, as well as Ole Kristoffersen and Steen Skallebeck, founders of the Danish bakery chain Ole & Steen.

Learning through Microsoft, and not through Zoom or Google’s cloud software package, has several advantages. What matters is the addressable size of the market and the extensive software suite of Bill Gates’ company, which covers hosting, communication, and analysis of large amounts of data.

Microsoft software is, in a sense, a global market with a high level of internal coordination and 350 million users. LMS365 uses Azure for hosting, Teams for delivering its applications, VIVA for course recommendations, and Power BI for data extraction.

The Danish company is convinced that working on other platforms involves technical debt, which is not a reasonable compromise for a start-up business. The company’s management also believes that Microsoft’s cooperation minimizes the risks that arise when trying to provide simultaneous support for several software ecosystems at once.

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