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Google to close one of its messaging platforms

The service will continue to work through March 2019


Top 5 smart cities: the future is already here

Governments mostly try to implement smart city concepts in existing cities


Consumers’ concern on how companies protect their data increased

Social media companies believed to be vulnerable, with 61% of consumers saying they pose the greatest risk for exposing data

Finance & Economics

Google Shopping enables fake competition for ads

A third of ads within Google Shopping boxes are coming from providers other than Google


Asian ride-sharing giant will launch Monthly Passes in 2019

Currently available as a pilot, GrabClub is a monthly subscription programme for everyday services


eSIM is gaining traction around the world

Pixel 2 was the first major smartphone with eSIM


Apple revealed the best apps and content of 2018

The company shared its list of the best apps and content


Google Pay is now available to another bank’s customers

UniCredit is the only bank in Italy to provide its clients with all four major mobile payment services


Samsung to release 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019

5G mobility service will provide massive bandwidth


Google named the best apps of 2018 

Check out Google Play’s full lists

Blockchain & Crypto

Huawei launches blockchain service for users around the world

Huawei Cloud is now focused on developing its blockchain platform


Australia’s largest business bank to use Amazon Web Services

Australia’s largest business bank taps the world’s leading cloud to help accelerate mass migration and enhance security posture


Uber’s rival becomes America’s largest bikeshare service

Lyft has acquired of America’s largest bikeshare service

Finance & Economics

UK commuters spend more while traveling – research

UK commuter commerce to be worth 5.2 billion euros by 2022


Throwback Thursday: 5 great business giants that started in garages

All you need to launch a thriving business is an idea, capital, a place, and a little bit of luck. However, the practice has shown that some of these points can often be omitted

Finance & Economics

Here’s how much average shopper spent on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend multichannel shopping up almost 40% over last year

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